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Suitcase question? We solve!

Conversation at the station:

- And you did not forget my toothbrush?


- you do not remember where I put the cosmetics bag?

- …

Dialogue can be long, but questions will be left without answer because not all are able to get ready correctly for a trip, it is the whole science. We get acquainted with its bases, but at first we will look after to ourselves a suitcase.

Suitcases share on:

soft - from fabric, easy and the most suitable for the train;

firm - from plastic, averages on weights, and skin (oh! expensive and heavy, do not buy!) will be suitable for travel by air transport; metal shaving can be added to plastic, different in structure, will come out more expensive, but also it is more reliable - a luggage compartment of the plane for such suitcase all the same that a home!

Curious fact: the suitcase size as the screen of the TV and the monitor, is measured in inches, and volume, as at a gasoline tank, in liters.

1. Small “forms“ for the agent 007: 20 - 21 inches, 30 liters.

2. The average suitcase for average couple containing gifts for all family: 24 - 25 inches, 60 liters.

3. The big suitcase like “black hole“ will absorb 100 liters of your baggage and will not squeal.

The last two representatives of suitcase fauna are simply obliged to have the handles removed in the case, and the handle - a loop for which you also pull along this stubborn animal. The movement will be promoted by 2 or 4 wheels. If they on bearings, silent sliding is provided and if as chassis, clean up in the case, then you will need only to watch, as if on imprudence not to come off the earth before the put hour. About with what we will fill a suitcase interior

the average and universal option which is almost not considering specifics of the route chosen by you, duration of a trip and its orientation on parts of the world, generally, such “basis of clothes“ when accessories and additions guess and added on the course of collecting Is offered to


So, the optimum set consists from 2 - 3 parabottom - output dresses and 6 daily things. Let`s specify. For the woman this evening dress, an elegant skirt and a blouse, jeans and to them - t-shirts and jackets, a skirt and shorts. For the man - trousers on an exit, 2 - 3 shirts, jeans and t-shirts.

Curious fact: the more often the person travels, the he with himself takes less things.

Most important. Laying, shrinkage, an utryaska


the skatka Method , or “and become - you the tourist“, step by step: inside out - do a thing time; carefully straighten sleeves, inside bend - do two; a skirt, a jacket, trousers, shorts put in half - do three; the roller twist - do four. Footwear - in packages, also we fill “capacity“.

The kernels method , or “the split nut“. We dim a suitcase bottom trousers (the belt is located in the middle), skirts, shirts (to clasp through a button, sleeves - for a back and in half), belts - on perimeter, and in the middle, in packages, we stack the footwear larded by rolls of socks, costume jewelry, cosmetics, a shaving set in gleams - “tubules“ of undershirts and underwear.

Notes: in hotel instead of the iron it is possible to use humidity of a bathroom, having hanged out hangers with clothes there; do not forget to take a package of the minimum set of medicines, and also the book of a pocket format and the newspaper of crossword puzzles.

And on the way not to distract and encourage itself, it is recommended “to scroll“ in the head the invigorating mid-flight tune with words:

We are guys gallant, gallant, gallant,

I that did not maleficiate girlfriends us curly,

We before a departure still their kiss hotly of

I will touch wood three times!

Is time at way - the road...

And so on before arrival on the vacation spot.

Curious fact: the most important always is left at home .