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How to smooth down misunderstanding of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

Misunderstanding to smooth down informative

to find out the reason to become the result rescues causes to understand consequences more probably than

less to elicit the fact can leave gives harm the soil to avoid not to allow are not terrible to settle to prove occurs

pv to Philanthrophy of misunderstanding.

to What it is worse than the relation - the it is more probable than misunderstanding.

zd Mother of misunderstanding - nonsense, the father - a case.

zd Misunderstanding is in many respects obliged to coincidence.

pzd Very often is the reason of misunderstanding misunderstanding.

zd Than people are more similar - that they have less misunderstanding. zd Than more different outlooks of people - that misunderstanding between them it is more probable than


pzd rescues knowledge of psychology From misunderstanding.

p to prove evidence of misunderstanding is very important tranquility.

pv goodwill helps to Settle misunderstanding.

pv Continuous misunderstanding can be from - for hostility.

d To misunderstanding can provide application in the speech of the rare, new, forgotten words.

pv leads lie To misunderstanding.

and Misunderstanding - looks for guilty persons.

and Misunderstanding can happen on the soil of the fact that people have a different understanding good and bad.

and to clear misunderstanding it is necessary to understand what preceded it.

and Cannot prove to the person the misunderstanding fact - if what occurred above its understanding.

pz Misunderstanding is afraid of ingenuity and insights.

zd Misunderstanding can be cleared through logical thinking.

p Misunderstanding sow the bad relations.

d is more than Misunderstanding at the person in youth.

p Girlfriends of misunderstanding haste and vanity.

zd Misunderstanding comes from mutual misunderstanding.

zd the Companion of misunderstanding - a mistake.

p Misunderstanding grow - when people in dissonance.

about Misunderstanding can be warmed up by interest and benefit.

p can lead Misunderstanding to unpleasant incident.

and friends help to Settle misunderstanding with the fool.

d Misunderstanding can become the reason of a rupture of the relations.

and Misunderstanding grazes trust.

p Misunderstanding - the enemy of friendship.

and Than is more unusual a situation, a situation, the events - that misunderstanding is more probable.

p can be the Cause of misunderstanding a carelessness.

from Misunderstanding attracts vigilance.

and the reasoning helps to Reveal misunderstanding.

and Misunderstanding - imposes fault.

zd Misunderstanding can smooth down trust.

zd Misunderstanding can come from the wrong understanding.

zd Misunderstanding happens from incorrectly heard speech.

zd Misunderstanding is caused by confusion.

p It is impossible to deal with misunderstanding in the excited state.

p to settle misunderstanding at first should listen to all parties attentively.

p emotions prevent to Settle misunderstanding.

zd often leads the wrong understanding of sense of words To misunderstanding.

to Misunderstanding - is worse than scandal.

pz Misunderstanding break against the analysis.

and Misunderstanding - is afraid of doubts.

d Misunderstanding - the soil for quarrels.

pzd To misunderstanding is often led by the wrong speech.

z In communication through SMS - is more difficult to avoid misunderstanding, than through telephone conversation.

zd Misunderstanding can generate gossips and slander.

and Share of misunderstanding is considerable, and the wrong understanding, and at all is big.

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