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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on May 28 - 29? “A shelter - faugh the Panda 2“, etc.

Here also came turn of the last film novelties of spring of 2011. Final May Wick - and again, as well as one week earlier, will represent game in one gate. Did not manage to cease a ring of piracy sabers as the next debutant whose chances of leadership are estimated from just good to remarkable is torn to the first place of a chart. It is about the long-awaited sequel of the animation project “Shelter - Faugh the Panda 2“ which besides will press “Pirates of the Caribbean Sea“ on three-dimensional sessions.

In the neighbourhood with the animated film two more beginners whose presence at movie theaters will be hardly noticeable and nominal live. Both tapes American - the drama “Passion Price“ and the biographic picture “Brando without Notes“. And now is more detailed:

1. “A shelter - faugh the Panda 2“ (Kung Fu Panda 2, 2011)

the animated films Drawn old, “antiquated“, way cause in the senior generation of the audience affection today, and in younger - bewilderment. And not very long ago computer animation movies were a subject of sincere admiration for the novelty and singularity of the picture. Ten years ago the first project of Dreamworks Animation “Shrek“ studio caused the real furor. It was followed not less popular “Shrek 2“, by “Underwater friends“ and “Madagascar“. Even earlier the agiotage was developed around projects of the well-known studio Pixar - “History of toys“ (1995), “Flik`s Adventures“ (1998), “Is searching mute“ (2003).

Today computer animashka became the phenomenon ordinary. In the film market more players appeared, other studios (“Disgusting I“ from Universal Pictures), including independent began to be engaged in production of animated films. Each large Hollywood film company has an office which is responsible for production of animation therefore annually movie theaters neither one, nor two and even not three similar projects come out.

The first “A shelter - faugh the Panda“ was removed within four years. 130 million budget money turned into more than 600 million box office in the world that, by itself, influenced the decision of producers to continue adventures of an amusing clumsy bear in sound execution of Jack Blek. In fact, the first part of the animated film did not represent anything special, but a combination of the charming hero, competently put (if so in general it is possible to tell in relation to a genre) fighting scenes and a typical adventure plot played a role.

It is hard to say whether the sequel will be able to beat results of the original. On the one hand, recognition of characters plays into the hands of it, with another as I already told, to surprise today`s viewer not so easily. Anyway, in the Russian hire at “A shelter - faugh the Panda 2“ there are no foreseeable competitors on these days off and the comic book “Ickx`s People: The first class“, starting next week, is focused on other audience. And here in the homeland in the States new adventures of the Panda On will meet in rigid fight with the second wave of a hungover syndrome in a tape “the Bachelor party 2: From Vegas to Bangkok“.

As for a plot, in new part of the animated film the Panda On will battle against the next villain intending to invent the superweapon against a shelter - faugh. Added several new charismatic characters to whose postscoring (we all the same will not hear their voice, but though we will know) connected Gary Oldman and Jean - Claude Van Damme to a picture.

2. “The passion price“ (The Ledge, 2011)

God, as they say, in the help. The director Mathew Chapman removed something between the drama and the thriller, having mixed in one heap love torments, loneliness in the big city, psychology, religion and fanatical faith in the Lord.

The premiere of the film took place on January 21, 2011 at the past film festival of independent cinema in the American Sandens. And, honestly to admit, enthusiastic responses the picture with Liv Tyler`s participation, Patrick Wilson (“Keepers“), Terence Howard (“Iron Man“) and Charlie Hunnam (“Hooligans“) did not cause. Moreover, by estimates of critics “The passion price“ dangled somewhere at the very bottom of the festival program, nearly - nearly holding on to a “honourable“ rank of “The worst picture“.

I do not know that was the cause for so negative judgments. Possibly, authors went too far in a religious component of the movie, having forced the viewer to miss frankly in attempt to catch not only flashes of devoted love for God, but also some rudiments of common sense in behavior of the main characters. A love triangle - it is always interesting, but when emphasis is placed on atheism one and fanatical belief of another that results both in deadly line, could not but do without excesses.

Englishman Chapman everything is more screenwriter, than the director. “The passion price“ - its first director`s project for the last 23 years, after the little-known thriller “Heart of Midnight“ (1988) with Jennifer Jason Li in a leading role. However, and as the screenwriter Chapman of stars from the sky was never enough, except for very intriguing suspense “Color of night“ which more likely scandalously became famous not for a detective component, but the header song and Bruce`s personal belongings of our Willis which flashed in a shot.

3. “Brando without notes“ (Brando Unauthorized, 2011)

the Picture of the actor and director Damion Chap is an attempt to tell the world about private life of Marlon Brando, one of the most great actors of the present. Considering that during lifetime Brando`s figure was constantly surrounded by half-words, scandals and rumors of the most different sense, and the actor extremely did not like to shine on public (it was not even behind the second Oscar on an awards ceremony), attempt in itself to understand this block of world cinema already causes respect.

It is known that the childhood and Brando`s adolescence passed hardly. Its relations with parents left much to be desired that left a mark on all his subsequent life and career. Women left it in tears and anger, Brando seldom gave interview, and at the end of life in general became the hermit, acting in at film seldom and reluctantly.

It is difficult to tell as far as the father (Damion) and to the son (Rocco) managed to get used to images of the Marlon and his descendant Christian who died of pneumonia four years later after death of the father. Their relations could form the basis of the whole textbook on family psychology too, considering as it was incredibly difficult to coexist to the son in a shadow of the famous father.

The last week of May does not indulge surprises. It is obvious that “A shelter - faugh the Panda 2“ in proud loneliness will bring together cash desk, taking away a palm from the “Pirates of the Caribbean Sea“ who entered dive. Ahead summer, as usual, chock-full filled with numerous blockbusters.

Running forward, I will tell only that in June in the Russian film distribution there will be more than thirty new tapes, including such large-scale projects as “Ickx`s People: First class“, “Bachelor party 2“, “A green lamp“, “Super 8“, “Wheelbarrows 2“ and “Transformers 3: Dark side of the Moon“.