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How to become the deputy on the next elections? In total on a dream boarding!

According to researches of meticulous psychologists - sociologists, the vast majority of earthlings cherish dreams of the power. And it is unimportant what: whether career, political, or the authorities in a family over the panel from the TV.

Russians, especially in anticipation of elections think of the power also. It and no wonder: very few people from us can brag of the income of deputies, privileges and other poleznost accompanying the status. Therefore pre-election process, as they say, went for a long time: someone with might and main discusses a political situation in the country, someone makes loud political statements, and someone on the sly - to hills dreams to become a deputy.

One of ways to achieve the dream (if, of course, you though sometime were dreamed to be become the people`s deputy) participation in the Youth Primaries of 2011 project at the moment is.

The idea of primaries is new only to Russia, in the USA similar vote is taken even since 1842, however interest in an action of United Russia party members extraordinary: the number of the participants registered at the moment to that confirmation.

What qualities need to be possessed to pass in lists from ER?

Naturally, it is necessary to be the person with citizenship of the Russian Federation. Still it is necessary that for December 4, 2011 to you was from 21 to 35 years inclusive and that the questionnaire on the website of the project was completed no later than June 12, 2011. It will be also quite good if you have many friends capable to lift to you a rating, i.e. to vote for you, having sent SMS to short number. SMS costs not much, all some 1 ruble 70 kopeks, however from one telephone number it is possible to vote only once and only for one participant, not very well from what region the participant and voting. Restriction is provided to avoid artificial turning of voices.

So if similar difficulties do not frighten you, we will continue since there is more to come! Consider that not all will be able to pass through a sieve of primaries: during an action each participant has to hold a number of events that it is hard to organize without special skills.

First of all you will have to carry out a street action with not less than fifty supporters to draw attention to a socially important problem.

Judging by questionnaires registered, in power to cope with this point to your many competitors since chairmen of trade-union committees of many higher education institutions, various deputy chiefs of “Young Guard“ and other people in whose hands there is “resource“, that is dependent people became participants of Youth primaries.

It will be simple to carry out to such people and some other obligatory actions of a different orientation: sports, culturally - entertaining, meetings with youth, actions in support of socially unprotected segments of the population, meetings with elderly people and youth. During these meetings it will be necessary to collect one thousand signatures in the support.

All actions should be otfotografirovat and photographed on video, within a day to lay out materials the report on the Internet. Yes, it will also be necessary to write down the video message to voters and to lay out it in the Network. Political debate between participants from the region in the presence of the Commission and Curators of the project will become the final of your “election campaign“. I.e. by June 19, you will have to prepare the for end socially - the political project.

The results will be summed up by the commission, it will consider all pluses and minuses and, perhaps, will include you in lists.

If you are not included into lists according to a final rating from - for limited quotas, then priority promotion on inner-party vote within regional or municipal elections, and also vacant positions in executive bodies of the government and local government can be offered to you.

Anyway to you will inexpressibly carry: you attract attention and get a wealth of experience.

So if you dream of political career - here it, chance! Perhaps, “Youth primaries of 2011“ wait for you!