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How to make the translation of the text is cheaper?

That? The translator advises how to save on the translation? It looks strange only at first sight. Many of these councils facilitate life not only to the client, but also the translator. What saves time to it saves time and to you. So, how it is possible to save?

1. Whether it is possible to manage machine translation?


If the text not difficult, not too special, and to you needs only understanding, but not beautiful and 100% accurate information, also the Google Translate will fit. To facilitate to the car a task, try to paraphrase the text so that in it there were generally simple sentences with a direct word order. Check terms according to the dictionary.

2. Address freelancers.

Unlike agency, to the freelancer it is not necessary to remove office, to pay hired workers etc., the difference in the price can make up to 50%. It is possible to find freelancers at the various exchanges and the websites. But there is a risk.

There are freelancers conscientious and not really, professionals and beginners. Before giving someone the order, check whether it is not in black lists, read responses, look at ratings. To people who work not the first year at this market to have plenty to lose. Reputation for them not an empty phrase. For reliability it is possible to sign the contract, including on nondisclosure. Select professionals who specialize in that area to which your text belongs. To check whether the chosen performer will be able to cope with your text, give it the small paid test task. It is better to risk several ten rubles, than all budget at once.

3. Do not address cheap freelancers.

This council sounds a little paradoxically, but as speak in Ukraine, “the small fish is cheap - the yushka is nasty“. The person ready to work at the rate of 50 rubles for the page or is inexperienced, or such “professional“ for whom it is really not worth a pin in a market day. You will waste time and money.

4. Do not pull to the last.

the Margin for urgency can make

to 100%. During the work in the mode “quicker-is faster“ the translator is tired, it reduces attention what quality can suffer from. Besides, happen a swagger - mazhor, failures of the equipment, shutdown of electricity. If there is a certain stock of time - all this is solve. And if is not present, you will suffer first of all.

5. Provide the text in a convenient format.

Of course, it is easier to send the text as is - in pdf, in the form of the indistinct scan or a set of separate phrases in separate files. But, in - the first, not each translator will undertake such work. In - the second, it will be more expensive as imposition is added to the translation (+20% and more). In - the third instead of paying all attention to the translation, the translator will battle against a format or to break eyes. At bad quality of the original and the translation will hardly be qualitative, as if the performer tried.

6. Prepare the text for the translation

If you order the translation from Russian and you prepare the text - do not trouble yourself heaps of complex sentences and passive voices. Perhaps it is beautiful and solid in Russian, but when translating will be all the same lost. And it is easy and pleasant to translate simple sentences. When the translator sees the difficult text, he knows that on it more time will leave, and raises a rate.

Avoid mistakes, neodnoznachnost and ambiguities, seldom found reductions without interpretation. Report in what look you want to see the translation of names of the companies, addresses, names. If in the text there are highly specialized terms, words and reductions which in your company or in your area are translated or used here so - and so - make the glossary. The translator cannot be an expert in all areas and is not able to read mind. And you need not his guesses too, but right value. The glossary will increase translation quality and will save time. If you have a similar document with the translation or even without - be not too lazy to provide also it.

7. Save on repetitions.

If you know that in the text there are a lot of repeating offers, try to agree about a discount. For example, not repeating offers - 100% of a rate, coincidence for 75% - such - that rate percent. The probability of success of such negotiations is especially high if in a profile of the translator it is specified that it works with the Trados program or similar to it, and the text at you in a format with which this program works. If the translator does not agree to give a discount, allocate the repeating places and ask them not to translate.

8. If it is necessary, make demands to the translation.

If you know

what you want, describe it to the translator at the beginning of cooperation, but not when the translation is already ready. For example, it is possible to ask to observe a certain standard, or to use style for formatting of means which will allow to avoid emergence of excess gaps or symbols. Examples of such requirements can be spotted on the websites of agencies. They can significantly save to you means too.

9. Involve the internal editor.

Any, even the better translation the editor has to check

. The translator, certainly, without fail checks and reads the text, but for operating time he gets used to it and can just not notice something owing to features of work of human mentality. It is possible to employ the external editor. It will be the best option. But if the budget does not allow, it is possible to read most or to charge this business to the employee.

10. If the text very difficult or very important, is better not to stint.

In such cases the most economical option will be to employ the best translator, skilled, though expensive. Otherwise there can be a situation when avaricious it is necessary to pay twice: either for alteration, or for consequences of use of the low-quality translation.

Improve good relations, treat the translator politely and validly, you thank, in time pay work. Then to you willingly will go to a meeting, will help, will prompt and in general will serve according to the highest category.