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Where there is a place of love?

Probably, only lazy did not write about ten more articles about love. To everyone who visited “from that party“ is what to tell. Or to teach. Or to teach.

And nevertheless at love the mass of secrets...

Here it is only not necessary to generalize or mix love and love without grounds. Like, “the woman has to be womanly, and the man - courageous“. Or still: “If you love - that you will forgive“. Aha, and still you will understand, you will make (including itself, instead of darling), and still a lot of everyones “if“.

Lyubov lives where people healthy. Both physically, and generally morally.

Lyubov is living decades in those relations (and with friends - girlfriends, and with anyone) where people are able to do two things:

- to be self-sufficient;

- and to be in pleasure to other person.

If to look honestly, without embellishment, then the main part “passed love, and tomatoes turned sour“ it is the share of those relations where someone expects something, do not understand someone.

And how to understand another if not really you understand yourself? How to please other person, to be to him in the help, but not in a pressure if with itself not everything is smooth?

Here also it turns out that love in such relations where “darling, please me, but not that I will take offense“, there is no place. It is forced out by everyones:

- I want; - give

; - make

, you are obliged;

- understand me, my point of view - correct.

And not only that it is necessary to understand that you want that you can as you spend time as you are able to take care of yourself (from health before entertainments). Those who though some time one (that in our Post-Soviet society to make enough - difficult) lived, were trained in all this “itself -“ (from a survival before self-support and other important skills).

So besides, with emergence by a number of Other person, other in the habits, ideas of life, it is necessary somehow to be able to place the interests. Not to adapt always - a prevsegda (I love it - as I will throw it just like that into day off and I will go to have a good time with girlfriends). And not to defend the independence as the greatest value. Both options do not leave personal space from which the love grows. It is necessary only to agree.

And here on this point usually everything is absolutely difficult. Here game in “begins understand me“. It is difficult to agree about life - simpler to force out the man from this sphere in general and to care for it, as for a plant: to water with tea, to feed up cutlets. And he with pleasure would learn to do it. And the plant would turn into the person. Which whom you want will feed and will give to drink - from sick or not in mood of the woman to children, to an izha those will be.

Or reverse situation: as in already mentioned game to speak gestures. To frown an eyebrow, to make the terrible person, the offended muzzle. And if by feeling youth the man or the woman are ready to solve, “on what party at it a cap today“, caring for requirements and reacting to silent appeals of darlings, then further - no, further business does not go. Because laying between two diffident loneliness is used up. Laying which is urged to provide them more - less smooth interaction. And which by mistake is called love. Which, in turn, somewhere over the years leaves …

A not the love leaves. Just we sometimes not absolutely are able... To talk. To understand. To ask. To care for itself and the requirements - first of all.

If itself you limp - where to support another … by

A love here? Lyubov lives somewhere there, in other respects.