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Hard worker, workaholic or simulator?

you employed the new employee? Congratulations!

First you still had doubts into its account: in total - the new worker - that a dark horse, never you know how he will prove and what will lead your cooperation to. And therefore you take with a trial period, all - will be time to observe its work and to solve finally whether it is necessary to you or not.

You define to it a workplace, bring up to date and... work begins! It works, and you watch it, get accustomed.

In three days you notice, that tightened, is vigorous - the business type of the young employee very much is even pleasant to you, and as it is surprising, it begins “to bring up“ also others. First, of course, play a trick on the beginner, but, looking at his quiet, sure and serious reaction, all unnecessary remarks in his address by itself stop.

In a week you fill up the list of “pluses“ of the beginner: it it is constant at business and, even when leaves in cafeteria for lunch, by all means takes the laptop that even behind food to finish something, to see. Impresses, the truth?

The table of the beginner quickly begins “to acquire“ a huge number of folders with all necessary information which soon lacks the place on a table any more, and they surely begin to rise a hill on a floor. The beginner does not say too much, does not distract and if talks to someone from colleagues, then it is exclusive on business, without distracting anybody from working process.

The new worker spends much time behind the computer screen, and you decide to look, than he is engaged there, maybe, in working hours hangs on social networks? On the contrary! He studies the new software to make work of the company of more productive. And here you decide: it is necessary to you! Such people are scarcer than hen`s teeth! You employ him, without having waited for the termination of a trial period.

And in a week you are convinced that did right thing. Your new employee so plunged into work that ceased to go to cafeteria for lunch, having replaced it with sandwiches and a thermos with the coffee brought from the house. He leaves office after all and, leaving, by all means shares new idea or discusses promotion of this or that project.

More than a week later you begin to notice how he speaks by phone, discussing with partners of a detail. As his speech what terms he uses and as to him listen is sure and free. It becomes so loaded that installs an answering machine on the phone, solving to whom in what order he will call back and as far as all this is urgent and important. At you the thought begins to ripen: “Here well done! Yes it costs one ten! Perhaps it is worth thinking of staff reduction? “

Passes time, and you decide to cut down a few staff of the company. And through some time to you your old employee enters an office and surely leaves on your table the letter of resignation at own will, explaining the decision with the fact that he was tired to perform work for recently accepted.

So who is he, your new employee? Hard worker, workaholic or... skillful simulator?

Whether he worked actually or created only visibility, ingratiating with colleagues and winning your bonuses to provide itself not only work, but also fast advance on an office ladder?

And therefore, employing the person, think that visibility of employment has to correspond not only to the volume, but also quality of the performed work.