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“Darling, as I look?“ To men on a note of

To eternal questions of men “Who is guilty?“ and “What to do?“ women added: “How I look?“. What is, however, interesting? That is, the truth is interesting? Or a question not about the truth, and about something another? About what?

Having lived 20 years with the husband, my familiar young lady began to get him a question: “And how I look?“. The husband thought that for so many years of joint life there should not be a lie and insincerity in the relations therefore answered honestly: “As the hippopotamus female who got out of a bog“. She wanted to jump out of a window. But then thought that decent women do not lie on the street, and it decided to be limited to a hysterics which meant that if the husband the idiot moreover decided to tell the truth, then joint life is finished.

In court I represented its interests as the lawyer. On the judge`s question of the reason of divorce it was possible to tell that family life the honest answer to a dishonest question killed. But we were in court where all citizens become bright and begin to lie correctly. Therefore getting divorced a duet declared - did not get on together. The court satisfied the correct answer, the apartment, garage and the car were divided almost without blood.

What the woman wants to hear, asking the question “How I Look?“ to her the truth or support is necessary? I think, the second. She perfectly knows the first. For the truth there are an honest mirror and bewitched girlfriends.

But not all men understand the simple fact: if the woman asks a specific question, it does not mean that she waits for the honest answer. It needs the correct answer.

It is better to learn the correct answers in advance and to be able to state convincingly and with feelings. Otherwise the question will be set many times until you convince the young lady of what are not really sure of.

Versions of the correct answers for men to the woman`s question “As I look?“:

it is remarkable, you as always are beautiful! Especially to you there is this hairdress.

it is amazing! You always attract me with the beauty!

it is healthy! You are the best of all!

If the mouth does not reveal to say such phrases, the man has to be ready - he will be tortured. Look and offense, and also numerous repetition of a tricky question.

But there is more to come.

The correct answer does not guarantee tranquility to the woman. Especially advanced young ladies, having scanned a look a male brain, can unmistakably define that he told it specially to please, and itself, probably, thinks on the contrary. It is better to take out this unfortunate male brain completely, together with all rubbish by which it is filled: soccer, boxing, hockey, sex, beer.

On the following question: “And you the truth so consider?“ - it is better to answer immediately and smoothly, and eyes have to be honest - honest …

Sometimes at this stage the woman calms down, especially if to embrace her and as proof of the sincerity - to kiss.

I will explain. The word “sometimes“ means that not always. If calms down, then for a while. Perhaps, in an hour when it passes by a mirror, the favourite question will emerge in the raging consciousness again. Urgently the loved one for a denial of impudent attempts of reality to intrude in the ideal female world of beauty and illusion will be required.

- Road! And where are you? I the truth look good?

They say that persistence of the woman and her work, any man will be ground. And what to do to it?

To relax, switch off a brain, it will not help here, only feelings: kind, tender, gentle. Be indulgent, support if her self-confidence falls. You can! You say that you feel. Only the truth and only about three boxes …