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How it is easy to wake up? We flit and smile!

in the Morning many of us hate an alarm clock, cannot open eyelids, not in forces rise from a bed, and having got up, reeling, as if deafened, sadly go to a bathroom … How it is easy to wake up, to be loaded with energy, to flit directly since morning, to be ready to pull up trees?

Put a pleasant melody on an alarm clock, it is better that under which you like to dance. After awakening stretch all over, squeeze - unclench hands, rotate feet, blink often - often. Further a small facial massage (it is especially useful to women): rub a face hands as if you wash, then slightly clap palms, again pound, then easy blows finger-tips, pound again, massage whisky. Circular strokings a century, walk the pinching from time to time movements on eyebrows from a nose bridge to temples, press finger-tips on an eyebrow, again circles stroke eyelids.

Already woke up? Raise legs and do exercise, useful to a press, “bicycle“, lying in a bed. It is possible to rise. Sit down, lower legs on a floor. Having risen, turn on a dance music, put a teapot, make a bed. Easy charging. Surely open a window leaf or a window - we fill lungs with fresh air, but not stuffy and dusty. Warm up shoulders, twist “mill“, stretch, inclinations, turns.

Poprisedayte - at first in an incomplete squat (tightens buttocks), then in full, at the same time raising hands up and extending forward when lowering on hunkers. Holding a support, raise at first one, then other leg parallel to a floor aside - it is very useful for prevention of fatty deposits in the field of “riding breeches“.

Recover the breath, make tea (or coffee). It is possible to start exercises on a press. You plant the feet, lay down on a floor, but do not relax, and that you will fall asleep again. Make at first inclinations of a prone position to knees several times (here the back), then as much time on a trajectory still shakes, twice smaller previous (we swing a press), at the same time it is important : we fall - a breath through a nose, we rise - a strong exhalation through a mouth, straining stomach muscles, squeezing out air to a last straw. And the last: having stopped in more true to a point, we do rockings up - down with a small amplitude, short breaths - accompanying with exhalations rise. Such minimum charging will allow you to support a figure in a good form.

Approach closer a window. A ducking at the left - to the right, forward - back, to the left clavicle - directly, to the right clavicle - directly. Semi-roundabouts from a shoulder to a shoulder through a ducking forward (we stretch lateral and back muscles of a neck). Make gymnastics for eyes: often up - down, be missed, at the left - to the right, be missed, on diagonal in one and other party, a rectangle in one and other party, circles there and back, the lying eight, a horizontal spiral. After each exercise it is frequent - often blink to remove stress from eyes.

And water procedures! Having washed, rinse a face with cold water, it will encourage you, will finally wake, will also narrow the skin pores which extended in a night why it will better look and to shine less. Wipe skin around eyes with an ice piece from infusion of herbs or just strong tea. It will tighten eyelids and will strengthen blood supply.

Now you are ready by new bright day!

At first can be a little heavy to force to get used to such charging (there is an analog in the form of sex - out of competition), but you are strong in spirit and ready it is better to make the day! Then you will quickly be involved and will not be able without all described procedures any more. Can reach automatism even if you got up early and went to bed late. Your health will become much better, cheerfulness and a smile will appear in the mornings.