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Why we write to Shkoluzhizni. ru?

Why we write articles to Shkolazhizni`s magazine. ru? Probably, at all not to receive for unique “creation“ kindly provided to us by edition of the website 1 c.u. You will not grow rich for the sum limited in a month - not that on gasoline, on payment mobile it is not enough.

So why we write to Shkoluzhizni. ru? Perhaps, from excess of internal energy, from requirement to improve the reality surrounding us, let in the imagined, virtual look?

Speak, literary creativity in embryo is peculiar to much. But only some individuals make out on paper or the screen of the computer the born thoughts and images in words, offers, paragraphs and the finished fragments. The beginning of this creative process usually happens spontaneous - when unconsciously there is a wish to make certain actions, and any event or experience, any external push can be the cause.

For what we write to Shkoluzhizni. ru? For self-affirmation and self-realization? To feel involved in literary creativity, to draw attention to itself or just to have fun? To tell to future readers original thoughts, they should be had for a start. And transfer of these thoughts and the feelings overflowing us to words and phrases to the carrier - too business not it simple. In order that something standing turned out, it is necessary to fall in love with this process.

If in half an hour after we began to write to Shkoluzhizni. ru something original, went hot us, the forehead and a back sweated - it is quite normal reaction of an organism. He received the order from the central nervous system to give and keep in readiness all our lexicon, to be engaged in search of the necessary combinations of the words urged to express the thought escaping us.

At this stage of creativity the fair share of adrenaline is injected into blood, pulse becomes frequent and pressure as the phrases which are plopping down on paper most often seem to us ugly and poor increases. And if among us there are graphomaniacs, people who are easily writing, it is pleasant to which and all that they wrote - a feather seems quite valuable to them in hands and a happy way!

For whom we write to Shkoluzhizni. ru? For, for a family or friends? We in this sense are not interesting to ourselves, and they and so well know us. Perhaps, for history, let small, within Shkolyzhizni`s archive. ru? Be not under a delusion, take a pill for megalomania better. We write for those who will like and will be impressed with depth of our knowledge and thoughts, - first of all, for the adherents.

What is interesting to our reader in Shkolezhizni. ru? Most of all details of abrupt life, celebrated personalities, trade secrets, history and regional geography, secular gossips, a denial or confirmation of rumors and disclosure of secrets are interesting to it. Of course, style of a statement is important. To write with short phrases, avoiding participial and verbal adverb phrases, banalities and stamps, not so - that is simple.

In Shkolezhizni. ru there is very useful section - comments. It allows participants to communicate, exchange actively opinions and to discuss. Some comments not only supplement written, but also can apply for the whole article. However there are among us also those which do not write articles, but in comments teach authors as it is necessary to write, as if they wrote this or that article if, of course, were able. It as at school - one writes the composition, and another sorts it before a class and gives a mark. It is asked who appointed it in the teacher? Ah, he... Perhaps, he was the best pupil at school? Too not? And here such “critics“ also eat our articles as worms apple.

So why we write articles to Shkoluzhizni. ru? Probably, to share the knowledge, experience and significant events in life, to find adherents and to communicate informally to them. It is pleasant to much of us to realize that written by them is read by hundreds of people, and stated, let it is sometimes quite clumsy, can be for readers interesting and useful.