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Car by proxy? Easily!

In the last several years in increasing frequency meet in the press, in the Network and in specialized literature certain “educational program“ regarding legal aspect of possession of the car.

The main keynote of it danger both to the buyer, and to the seller of possession of the car passes by proxy. For what it is necessary to the state, clear, but the thought is imposed to people that it, first of all, is necessary to them. Partially it is not deprived of sense as the risks determined by at the same time all - are. Let`s list the main:

As the owner - Jure you are all - not you, the person who sold to you the car by proxy always has a roguish opportunity to receive the sold car back, having just withdrawn the power of attorney or having declared the car in stealing. Trial will be long, you, most likely, will not sit down in prison, but any more will never see the car and money.

If suddenly the nominal owner of a car unexpectedly dies, then the car gets to hereditary weight, and successors have an opportunity to declare that they know nothing about purchase and sale at all, and the car belonged to the testator. The law will be on their party. Same result: neither car, nor money.

If you are a seller of a car and want to give it by proxy, then at once prepare that to pay a transport tax all the same to you.

Besides, do not forget about “letters of happiness“ with penalties from automatic chambers - a radar. As if it contradicted common sense, but the guilty person for violation of speed the fixed such camera of the machine - the owner of the car, but not the driver. Nonsense, of course, but it is severe realities, and it is necessary to reckon with them.

And now let`s talk about pluses managements and knowledge of machine by proxy.

In - the first, already mentioned transport tax. I understand sincere unwillingness of my many fellow citizens it to pay as the sums can be very decent, for the Range Rover the Wok of nearly 50 000 rubles, for example, and where they are spent - it is not visible because quality of roads all the same disgusting.

In - the second, the same penalties. To the author of this article the resolution on a penalty for speeding for that period when it in the country was not at all came! And, as showed the conducted survey, it not the exception, but the rule - was not any driver who at least once would not appear in a similar or similar situation. Naturally, to pay someone`s mistakes or (sincerely I hope that it not so) someone`s malicious actions there is no strong wish.

And so, all these problems are solved by driving by proxy. The penalty all the same will come, and tax the notice all the same will send, but not to you. And here who - should dwell upon it …

my employee lives alone in the territory of a military camp. A fence, the check point - all as is necessary. To descend on a visit not really. Perhaps for this reason, and can on what other, but notices from tax and penalties there resolutely do not reach. What very well affects the material level of people, living there.

And other my acquaintance renewed a car on the grandmother living in the village in the Vladimir region. He made it after payment of the next transport tax expressed by the sum commensurable with a trip with a family where - nibud to the Red Sea for a week. The car - the old American jeep, with the engine 5,7 liters. Naturally, at once forgot about payment of the requisitions coming by mail.

And so, the car it makes sense to register on the person who conducts rather lonely life, does not go anywhere and does not cross frontiers. The grandmother in the village for this purpose is ideally suited. Naturally, only provided that at you with relatives the normal, but not conventional related attitudes.

The second option - we register a car on the person living in the place complicating its contact with authorities. A military camp, a reindeer-breeding settlement - options weight, it is only worth approaching a question creatively.

He is familiar also with the third option: statement of the car on the account on the foreigner. Many of us after collapse of the USSR had relatives or close friends abroad. Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan is not essentially. Important other - they in Russia foreigners. And so, there comes such foreigner, officially is registered at you in the apartment, buys the car, registers it, writes out the power of attorney and all. Leaves. Business can be considered made. For tax authorities, GAI and bailiffs the contact person - it, but not you though the car is actually at you at the disposal.

At once I want to discredit several of myths .

Abroad will not let out if there is an unpaid penalty. It`s not true, more definitely, not absolutely so. In so-called stop - sheets gets less than 0,05 percent of debtors. And precisely - not only for unpaid penalties. You can count probability.

For unpaid penalties and a transport tax can select the car. It is in general obvious lie as nobody for the present cancelled the basic principle of harmony. It is impossible for a debt in 10000 rubles to select property worth one million because it directly contradicts all federal legislation.

in the presence of unpaid penalties big difficulties when passing checkup will be span>. It too not absolutely so, but I will not stop on illegal actions of police officers (police) as obligatory checkup for vehicles weighing less than 3,5 tons is cancelled now.

Here also it turns out that in possession of the car by proxy as you see, it is plus all the same more, than minuses. So do not dismiss such opportunity, and only at its realization approach a question circumspectly and creatively!