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“Famine-Genocide. And what is historical justice?“

After reading of article of Lyubava Malyshevoy “the Holodomor. Whether it is possible to restore historical justice?“ I at first wanted to write the tough comment, but then I decided to write article as understood that the author uses unreliable propaganda information and own emotions than the sober analysis of events of those terrible years and the facts more. But I will begin

with the conclusions drawn by the author.

1. Russia has to pay compensation to all whom occupied.

Very interesting offer. Then, logically, it is necessary to make investigation of the UN and over other countries:

- - Mongolia.

Will be exhausted to pay for Genghis Khan, Batyya and others Chingizidov.

- - Spain.

Will be delighted simply to pay off with all Latin America (except Brazil - there Portuguese should pay off) and with other former colonies.

- - Great Britain and France should declare while the getting is good a default on debts until exposed them claims for Lyubava Malyshevoy`s recipe.

the List can be continued and painted long sins of these countries, and residents of poor Macedonia just should be shot by everything for feats of Alexander of Macedon and his father (I even am ready to forgive them cruel governors from dynasties of his associates - Ptolemeev, Selevkidov etc.) .

I why then not to remember to the Crimean Tatars all their attacks on the territory of modern Ukraine, and each their attack brought more grief and sufferings than any Famine-Genocide (as a percentage of population of that time). Though they cannot be touched, they are allies of successors of Bandera against Moscow.

2. To forbid communistic symbolics and to equate to fascist.

According to the logic of the author it is also necessary to forbid a cross, a half moon and David`s star. All world religions can remember a lot of things too.

- - Catholic church needs to be forbidden from - for inquisitions and crusades. And as Mikhail Zadornov correctly told: in comparison with any medieval Pope Stalin just small hooligan.

- - to Moslem needs to pay for all terrorists and fanatics.

- - With Judaism in general everything is simple how - Jesus Christ was crucified in the union with Romans in any way (by the way, to Italians, Romanians and Moldavians the separate account).

And if it is serious, it is impossible even to equate close neither world religions, nor communistic ideology with Nazism and racism as the purposes of these movements are cardinally opposite. Misanthropic ideology of Nazism and attempt to build paradise on the earth for all mankind (start up both utopian illusions and not absolutely just methods of achievement of the purpose), it is all the same, that to compare world religions (with all sins of their church heads and crimes which were committed and made for belief) with a Satanism.

Now about the reasons of those terrible events at a boundary 30 - x years 20 - go centuries, occurred, by the way, not only in Ukraine, but also in many other agricultural regions of the Soviet Union.

the State in which there was an economy of the USSR by the beginning 30 - x years, was awful. Especially it affected in the industry, the country in the usual ways of development of the industry would get out of ruin for a long time after civil war (it would even be possible to reach the level of imperial Russia only in several decades), and it means that would be forced to become, at best, a semi-colony of the advanced western countries (as togdashniykitay). The Soviet Union had no time - it is worth to remember that the country really constantly was in a condition of a threat of war (it is not the myth, it is the truth - it is possible to read memoirs of many western politicians).

to develop the industry is not enough to construct plants, they still should be equipped with the equipment, and the equipment needs to be bought abroad and first of all for the heavy industry and mechanical engineering - that then to make the necessary equipment. On all this a lot of currency was required and where to take it. For this purpose it is necessary to sell abroad something liquid, and except grain the country has nothing any more. And here on the first place economic planning - how many we will collect grains how many it is necessary for own needs how many it is necessary to leave on a sowing campaign how many it is possible to sell acts. On all these questions then it was very difficult to give the answer - farms were individual, collectivization was in a formation stage. The central power collected data on forecasts of a harvest and plans of deliveries from local authorities, then claimed and lowered in the form of directives and orders. From - for desires to toady, many regional managers strongly overestimated forecasts (they very much wanted to show what they are good owners - by the way, it is observed very often and now at the “democratic“ power, it is just now easier to check them, and there was neither Internet, nor television, nor mobile phones earlier). When the real harvest was lower declared, and the local kinglet already promised the higher administration certain figures, many of “nachalnichok“ were afraid to report on impossibility to implement the plan, and all began to sweep out. And local authorities did not hurry to report on the situation which developed at them not only to Moscow, but even to Kharkiv (the capital of Ukraine of that time).

of the Data on what is created in Ukraine and other regions came to Moscow with big delay (especially as the cities of hunger were not felt, even in Ukraine). From Moscow to deal with affairs to Ukraine, L. M. Kaganovich was sent. I do not want to go to bat long now as corrected a situation, Kaganovich`s correspondence with Stalin (it can be found in the Internet - it is only necessary to read everything eloquently testifies to it, and not just what is selectively published in protection of “genocide“). Kaganovich reported on what a situation catastrophic, even worse than they assumed in Moscow, he asked to increase deliveries of bread to Ukraine what Stalin agreed to (including purchases abroad were made). The heads of local authorities recognized later “innocently repressed“ were ousted (many are arrested and shot). Responsibility also was not relieved from the central governing bodies of economy, many were stripped of power and are even arrested.

Drastic measures were quite justified also in the spirit of that time. What was created worldwide in the same time too cannot be forgotten (a great depression, coming to power in many countries of dictators etc.) . In general years since the end 20 - x before World War II were very cruel and when approach to them from the point of view of the person 21 - go centuries, it looks very fondly. In all Europe dictatorships which were as is not more democratic than Stalin were set. Remained “democratic“, Great Britain and France got out of problems at the expense of colonies (severe famine in India only in one province destroyed 8 million people though what am I telling, same “civilized“ England democratically tortured many inhabitants of the colonies or can do everything - we will make a complaint to the queen Elizabeth for what was created in reign of her father). The Soviet Union had no opportunity to solve the problems as Great Britain or France.

Hunger 30 - x pushed years the decision to accelerate carrying out collectivization of agriculture, and not vice versa. Only integration of the agricultural enterprises at rigid centralization of governing bodies was able to afford to carry out competent economic planning, effective use of equipment, distribution and price policy on agricultural production in the conditions of that time.

About how collectivization was carried out and excesses in its execution it is possible to say long, it is a separate subject. Yes, there were many unjustified victims, but it is worth to remember that as a result of industrialization, collectivization, illiteracy elimination the country really began to develop violently and before the Great Patriotic War already strongly caught up the backlog from the largest countries of the West. All this was created for the minimum historical period - a little more than 10 - ti years. For example - the peasant reform in England was carried out more than 200 - of years (two hundred years of continuous peasant wars, burning of the whole villages with all inhabitants etc.) yielded result so far. I do not speak any more about Ukraine which in 20 years of independence did not reach even the level of economic development of 1990, but managed to destroy health system and educations, and in the country there were again beggars and homeless children (what in 70 - 80 - e years 20 - go centuries knew only from movies about). And the “damned“ Soviet power, built up the same Ukraine almost anew after 1945 and to 1965 - to ohm (the same 20 years) already and there is no trace of destructions left, and the economy grew in comparison with 1940 - m year many times.

And the last - it is not necessary to rush the word “genocide“. The genocide is when purposefully destroy people of a certain nationality, at hunger 30 - x it was not observed. Hunger 30 - x - it was a criminal negligence and not competence of the authorities of all levels, but not purposeful destruction of the population, nobody put such purpose. Negligence which caused the most terrible consequences. And in general, the theory about the extermination of Ukrainians conceived by Stalin does not maintain criticism. Stalin was a difficult person, people of such scale cannot be painted with one paint, it is impossible to tell unambiguously - he is a villain or the righteous person. It was one of the most great statesmen for all history of mankind, its fulfillment and sin are huge, but he was not a vegetable and the idiot. Stalin did not commit crimes just like that, and extermination of Ukrainians and the peasantry is nonsense and what practical advantage for it had, it is very not similar to Stalin (for those who at least studied his biography and activity a little). Genocide it is rather, what occurs now in Ukraine when from more than 52 - x mpn. inhabitants in 1992 - the m so far remained to year a little more than 45 - ti mpn. (it is possible to tell that every eighth inhabitant is destroyed). Such reduction of the population was not even in days of the Great Patriotic War - people all the same continued to give birth to children because there was a belief in tomorrow, and now it is absent. Genocide it when shoot and when create such conditions that the people himself begin to die out and at the same time also to rejoice that all this occurs “on democratically“ (it was necessary to fool so people).

Hunger 30 - x should be remembered years, it is necessary to revere memory of all dead those terrible years irrespective of a nationality. It is the awful tragedy of our people, we have to remember it and impartially study its reasons, but not in order that to accuse someone in 100 years after the tragedy and in order that it when it did not happen in the future.