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for anchor buoys. Dived in light thicknesses of sea water, admired zolotisto - Xing - green split of light. At smoothly - rough, oborodatevshy stone seaweed two crabs; one got into a pole under a stone and exposed is gray - pinkish claws from shelter. The slanting pack of sea horses floated standing - as though. Bony long fishes - needles flashed, rushing by - be enough if you are in time It came up, otfyrkivatsya - but again there was a wish there, down, in mysterious sea thicknesses, and it dived again and again, admiring underwater game of sunshine, absorbing a convergence of two elements - air and water the Lesson floated


by it. Driving a finger on a school desk cover, he focuses attention on stains and dreams, dreams Here belly of the Trojan Horse, but where achaeans? Until the end of a lesson five minutes, and it begins to consider - slowly at first, then it is rather, it is rather - to a call Silences the ringing sphere breaks up around it: Unless your surname not - the teacher discontentedly - derisively questions.


Mutters something faded while seconds jump, being intricately overwound, in a brain, but jingling, igolchato - the caustic call is silvered by rescue


the Color sphere of a lilac near the house. From a window of the first floor the yard is visible through juicy lilac clusters. Glasses of illusions prevent to perceive reality such what it is. Remove points! Terribly It is far more pleasant to look at the world through a sphere of the blossoming lilac.


Filateliya Shop - in the old, massive, red, Stalin house. Happened in the childhood in cozy small shop Under glass of horizontal stands - a motley luminescence: as in thickness of waters glanced where multi-colored fishes are poured and coral reeves blossom. Intercepted breath - from diversity of participation to the unknown world. Adult indifferently you pass

by little shop, even without looking in a window of own memoirs.


the Naked bush is thought by blood circulation model. Air hardly imitates flesh and there is nothing it. Hard, curved, black veins are bound by a labyrinth. Juice of life goes to them. Juice - not blood. And still the bush reminds model of blood system to

A is not cold to a bush in the winter?


On the abrupt, paved street with the cozy houses tiled you meet the friend who is carrying away you in the past. Also did not assume that the going street is so arranged up and up. Did not assume that again in reality you will see pinkish disgraces of the childhood, gray rocks of youth, the house - which did not enter hundred years, apartments with creaking, colored red floors and mirrors where the past remained, did not assume what you will tell again with those who are not present long ago.

the Most amusing, as the friend too not was They are similar


- the old man and a dog: both are thin, the dog is white, and the old man a set. The old man ties a dog to a handrail and goes to a bakery. The dog sits, sighs sometimes, looks on by the going legs. There is an old man with a bag from which smells of bread, the dog wags a tail. They go in a supermarket for milk and porridge, for cigarettes for the old man. Houses the old man carefully washes paws to a dog, cooks porridge. The dog waits. The old man talks to him, and that answers mutely, eyes.

Then they watch TV. Motley flashing tires a dog, and he dozes about a chair. And the old man, without remembering anything, klyuyot a nose any more