Rus Articles Journal



of the Acacia approach directly wide windows of the first floor of a hostel - to windows of library where misses, being on duty, the poet - the employee. On easy tulle curtains various shadows dance - change, turning gray, represent mystical - whose essence you do not learn - teatrik. The poet sighs, and unwillingly begins to write the new poem.


the House - as huge, opened, torchmya the put book.

Spheres and tents of a lilac here - at a bend.

Evening windows are full yantaryom and honey. Mysterious a subsoil of apartments is thought … Bottles flicker in a case, the picture is slantwise visible - it seems, a landscape.

of the Cat sharply throw brawny lumps of bodies in a black failure of the cellar … the Grandmother buried


from giving … sent away

of Children to neighbors, but they escaped - got out in a fence breach. At first played about a stream, collected stones, pottered in a volgly grass … Then returned on the dacha, having made the way in a hole in a fence, slowly, hiding in a dense grass,

bypassed the house, and, helping each other, climbed on an apple-tree. - Watch

, in that red lodge our grandmother, - the sister told. It was more senior.

- the Grandmother will not rise any more? - the brother asked. - No, - the girl answered. to Them it was not terrible

, but it is mysterious, silent …

the Shadow of foliage laid down on tiny, concentrated expressions …


of Soznanye changes every minute.

Hardly pulsing, the mollusk contracts. the Byzantine fall offers

new and new images; and shadows from the foliage which did not fly yet fill asphalt space with fancy letters.

“Ya“, pressed in depth of corporal layer, persists in fear of death and misunderstanding of God. Soznanye`s

changes, carrying out through a rainbow of feelings - difficult, twisted … Rapaciously curved stalks of a gloxinia are topped with


in the peace beautiful flowers. The gloxinia costs on a table, near it - the bread box and a cup filled with bran. The red hand bell of a flower fell, having covered with itself is gray - brown bran … Other hand bells - live. Gently - fluffy, ottenochno - red will be closed by the evening as if will retire into oneself, creating a prayer … And morning will be opened by a prayer towards to the sun.