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Kazakhstan “miracle“. What can Astana surprise with?

Can surprise, even very much. Did not trust, did not check yet. Though knew that the capital of Kazakhstan from Almaty was transferred to the former Tselinograd, heard that the new capital very quickly, but when saw all the eyes builds up, it was struck.

Since the city became the capital, it considerably changed the shape. The region of new buildings is in general unusual, a little fantastic world. Here a lot of things surprise: the materials and technologies applied in construction, architecture of buildings and their arrangement. But most of all impresses the speed and a scale of construction. On affairs I had to visit Astana several times with year breaks. The image of the city changed in the eyes with each arrival! what everything began


throughout centuries across the territory of modern Astana there passed the caravan track from Russia to the cities of Central Asia. On steppe tracks of nomads merchants carried the goods.

In the 19th century the Russian Empire develops new territories. To Entre Rios of Ishim and Nura`s in 1832 by the participant of the Borodino battle colonel Choubin based the Cossack outpost Akmolinsk . As transit point between the West and the East the city was very convenient for development of trade, the industry and culture. Along with workers and military merchants from Siberia, the Urals, Bukhara, Turkistan moved here.

During the Great Patriotic War the city considerably increased at the expense of a huge flow of the evacuated and deported citizens of different nationalities. Here and now there live their children and grandsons.

And in 1954 under Nikita Khrushchev`s decree development virgin and laylands began. The youth from all Soviet Union went to the Kazakhstan steppes. Akmolinsk in 1961 called by Tselinograd , he reflected as the capital of a virgin lands region. But at history the laws.

In 1997 the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev made the decision on transfer of the capital from Almaty here. It was dictated by the same historically developed favorable arrangement of the city in the center of the country on crossing of large transport ways and existence of free lands for development.

the New capital

Astana “ and is translated by

- “to the Capital “.

In July, 1998 the International presentation of the new capital of Kazakhstan - the city of Astana took place. Many events of a holiday were planned to be held under the open sky, but according to the forecast these days waited for a rain. Then for the first time in the territory of the CIS applied a technique of dispersal of clouds . Russia employed planes which “broke“ clouds in vicinities of Astana special shells. Several days “fight“ with the rain was successful. And only in the last day of a holiday, at 12 o`clock in the morning when there was gala - a concert, pilots reported that continuous clouds, and means of fight against them on an outcome went. But the holiday took place!

The same year the Government of Kazakhstan declared in foreign mass media the international competition on development of the project of the new center of the capital. It was won by Kisyo Kurokawa, the Japanese architect with a world name. It presented to Nursultan Nazarbayev perfectly issued model of future center of Astana which can be seen in the museum under the open sky “the Map of Kazakhstan of “Atameken“ now.

After that unusual construction began. During this time the square of the city increased by 2,5 times, the population grew up more than twice too and makes 622 thousand people now. Among residents of the capital there are representatives more than 100 nationalities.

It is not surprising that Astana is called today it is central - an Asian phenomenon .

It became the center of the Euroasian space where there take place various meetings on political, economic and socially - to cultural problems of the present. The last summit of OSCE took place in 2010 exactly here.

That it is worth looking

In the new capital of Kazakhstan really much unusual.

For example, Vodno`s - Zelyony Boulevard . On it government buildings, offices, torgovo - entertainment centers, cafe are placed. Here the symbol of revival of Kazakhstan - Bayterek is located . This peculiar “Eiffel Tower“ of Astana with survey platforms, cafe, the high-speed elevator 97 meters high is built on the project of the famous British architect Normann Foster.

At the beginning of the boulevard there is a palace of JSC Orda - the residence of the President. It is interesting that it is not the closed state object, in it tours are conducted. But if the President is in is mute, then excursions cancel.

Very effectively among modern constructions the mosque “Nur Astana“ looks .

And along all boulevard fountains and a sea of flowers.

Finishes it torgovo - entertainment center “the Khan - Shatyr“ (the Hansky tent). This highest in the world 150 - a meter construction of a tent form of 127 thousand square meters. It is executed from a transparent polymeric covering and topped with silver peak. In it is mute the family park, a supermarket, restaurants, movie theaters, gyms, an aquapark with the artificial beach and pools with effect of waves are placed.

The entertainment center “Duman“ is nearby located . In it is mute there is an oceanarium with a capacity of 3 million liters, the CIS`s first and only in the world removed on 3000 km from the ocean.

The palace of Peace and harmony in Astana is called the eighth wonder of the world. It is constructed in the form of a regular pyramid 62 m high and the same width at the basis. There take place meetings of representatives of various world cultures and religions, in it the University of civilizations, the Museum of culture and Opera theater on 1500 places are located.

And still there is a Palace of Independence and the museum under the open sky “the Map of Kazakhstan of “Atameken“ “, theaters and monuments, parks and squares, beautiful bridges and embankments.

Wanted to look? But you do not know,

How to reach Astana?

It is rather simple

. The international airport accepting flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Frankfurt, Hanover, Vienna, Istanbul, Dubai, Novosibirsk, Kiev, Minsk and so forth

flight Duration from Moscow works in the capital, for example, makes 3,5 hours. The airport building located among the boundless steppe is executed in the form of the flying-up eagle.

Also there is a through fast train going through all European territory of Russia from Moscow to Astana. It in way two and a half days.

Fans of autotravel will need to pass several thousands of kilometers. From Moscow it is 2300 km, from Novosibirsk 1000 km, from Paris 5600 km. The asphalt covering, cafe, motels is throughout all way.

Only remember, this other state, documents have to be as it should be! For Russians the international passport is not necessary, rather internal passport.

Where it is possible to stay

At Astana hotel of hotels. Among them there are elite, hotels business - and economy class. With the choice it is possible to be defined in advance, by the Internet, or in information bureau of the airport or the railway station. Here it is possible to rent apartment. Service is rather developed. In hotels single places cost 500-2000 rubles, double 1000-3000 rubles a day.

If you plan to be in Kazakhstan longer than 5 days, then it will be necessary to be registered. Hotels do it without problems. Registration is free, well or with very small duty on expendables.

The stream of foreign investments to the capital of Kazakhstan increases every year, here create architectural masterpieces and embody the most courageous projects.

According to the decision of UNESCO to the capital of Kazakhstan the high rank “The city of the world“ is given .

And in the conclusion I will quote the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho:

Astana - more than the capital. It is idea, idea of progress and transformation of soul of the country. I can already imagine Astana, present it as the flower growing from the steppe. The new capital of Kazakhstan, certainly, will remind eternal nomads and pilgrims of this world of importance of updating. See with

Astana. It will surely surprise you.