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How inexperienced men behave in kitchen? Female supervision and true-life stories of

Many men live in happy ignorance how to cook porridge, to bake coulibiac and to fry meat. Because for them it is done by mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives or daughters. But once there comes not the happy instant when the house chef leaves or it is worse than that - is not in time, is taken or gets sick.

Why it is worse? Because in that case it often has misfortune - to observe also nonsense - to comment on process (though it is a pity for the diseased or the rolled-up cook, of course). And if the first can bring to white heat the incapacitated cook, then the second - his interim deputy. And to such an extent that any of the parties will not want to repeat experiment. Scandal, offense, indignation, frustration... All this can be avoided if our “chief“ is in advance warned and will consider features of behavior of the inexperienced man in kitchen.

These supervision do not aim to belittle abilities of men at all (Perish the thought!) and are intended only a little to simplify them life, having relieved women of the overestimated expectations. From the men`s party, of course, everything seems differently. In article the cooks, skilled culinary specialists and happy men endowed with culinary talent, tendency or instincts are not considered.

1. It is better to hunger or cook pelmeni

If at the man the slightest choice between “prepares“ and “not to prepare“, he, most likely, will choose “not to prepare“. To suffer, descend in supermarket / restaurant / to the neigbour, as a last resort, to buy pelmeni. To the last options which demand as little as possible efforts and difficult operations will be chosen. Often men are not lazy, and just are afraid to undertake something in absolutely unfamiliar area, feel helpless. Remember yourself when at you the first time broke the computer - I doubt that you fearlessly got to repair it at once independently.

True-life story :

- My mother left, it is necessary to eat all week pelmeni, however, in the freezer the big piece of meat lies.

- Well, so prepare.

- I am afraid of it to cut incorrectly.

The speech power at first was taken away from the present women, but the phenomenon, so to speak, takes place in the nature.

2. The fact that he saw how you prepare anything does not mean

If you prepare at its presence, attract it to the help in separate operations even if he prepared something, but at your presence and under your management, - do not create illusions that he is able and can make it. All this does not mean anything. It is quite probable that the man thought of the at this time and purely mechanically followed instructions.

You should not hope that separate operations and, especially, the general scheme of process though were hooked by some edge in his consciousness. Count that before you a blank sheet, describe everything in details. Present what would be if you had to change a wheel or some detail on the road. No matter, how many times the husband did it at you or with you. When all is quite another matter.

The true-life story which is regularly repeating.

It is ringing:

- And how you did-?

- Well we together with you did yesterday (or: I on your eyes did yesterday)!

- You think, I remember?

3. All instructions are accurately carried out, check by common sense is turned off

If the instruction on questions of cooking is received from “chief“ - it is the law, neither to lower, nor to add. The man considers the chief as a reasonable and provident being, same as he which is able to formulate accurately and logically the thoughts.

Unfortunately, we, women, to it have a crunch. We often use intuition, are capable to understand correctly phrases it seems “To me wooden hair curlers to wind or tomorrow?“ also we forget that men so are not able. It for us phrases “to taste“, “approximately“ will fit and to that similar, and to them, be so kind as, to formulate accurately and still to remember that the husband`s pinch is twice more than yours, “spoons“ happen tea and table, and “glasses“ - on 200, on 250 or in general on 295.

If you indistinctly specified something in the instruction - you have only yourselves to blame. The man of 100% is not guilty. It is honest. If you changed the fuel filter accurately according to its instruction and made something not so, you too 100% would not be guilty.

True-life story.

It is ringing:

- You spoke, for roasting of meat in a sleeve clothespegs are necessary. What? Green?

- No! What you? Green is for linen! There in a package of a sleeve special clothespegs lie.

And if did not phone …

4. If something is not in the instruction, do not wait what will guess itself

Even if your man - the talented engineer, do not hope for it. His engineering talents and tendency to optimization remain behind a threshold of kitchen. All knowledge of physical and chemical properties of substances - further away. There is not its diocese. When you are not able nothing, you will not optimize. But you can think up it that you will not put on the head.

If it does something in the non-optimal and illogical way - it is not an occasion to abuse or be indignant. He studies, support, softly discuss how it is better. If something was not specified, not provided in the instruction - are guilty! Especially warn about safety measures. For example, “do not put some egg in a microwave“.

True-life story:

- And why you fry meat in two frying pans if there is enough one?

- You told well to fry thoroughly, I was afraid that on one will not be fried thoroughly.

5. Cooking and preservation of purity of kitchen are different tasks

To honor of men, many of them act accurately and pedantically, and after them the kitchen looks even better, than at government of the chief. But there are also exceptions.

The main objective - to prepare. This task is given all the time and forces, the attention is not enough for the rest. The Mnogorukost and a multizadachnost - property female, but not man`s. Couple of awkward, inept movements and all - kitchen turn …, the kitchen turns into the base for shootings of a nightmare of the housewife. Though the woman from it is not insured.

If you want that it was pure - stipulate separately accuracy and the subsequent cleaning. Or be engaged in it. Only do not do as my grandmother who lies with a temperature eats the soup made by the grandfather, and then defiantly goes to wash a plate, groaning and sighing. Or as my acquaintance who everything cannot already forgive 15 years to the husband a case when she only washed a curtain and the husband went to warm up meat and: “I came, and all meat on a curtain how it could, the rascal?!“.

Eventually what to you it is more important - result, purity or the relations? And that “to visit his skin“, you can fill a time a cartridge for the inkjet printer.

So, conclusions:

1. By default to consider that nothing is able.

2. To give accurate instructions.

3. In detail to describe and to warn about everything.

4. Not to abuse, not to be indignant, not to carp, and to put itself on its place and to try to understand and forgive.

5. To remember that it is possible to wash kitchen in a couple of hours and to wash away offense, years can be necessary.

Do not forget to thank your deputy for the help. You praise what turned out well even if it is not all process or result, but any separate aspect, including accuracy. Let cooking will be connected at it with pleasant emotions. Difficulties of the first time will be forgotten over time, and pride from feeling “I could“, “at me it turned out“ will remain in memory. Feeling your support and approval, the inexperienced man can turn into the reliable assistant to the cook over time, and maybe outdo you.