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What to get an education - the highest or average special? The difficult choice of

in search of the answer we will not “go“ very far, we will stop on memorable 90 - x years. Why - then all decided that professions which give in professionally - technical schools, - drivers, builders, cooks, carpenters etc. - not prestigious. The youth rushed in higher education institutions because all selflessly believed in the myth - only the diploma of a higher educational institution will be able to provide worthy life.

There passed 20 years, and the outlook of people exchanged. Look around. Now masters who are able to do something by the hands are demanded. “ Ya would go to working, let I will be taught “.

Where and how teach such professions?

Technical school (school) - the main way which gives professional education of a basic level.

College - more advanced level. Graduates it upon termination of have the raised skill level. Besides colleges often are divisions of some higher educational institution. It gives additional benefits because the stitching from army and all privileges which are put to students extends to pupils.

If the graduate of college wants to study further, it can be enlisted on the second year of basic higher education institution at once. Here it is a high time to remember that “to the joiner it is good , and - it is better for the engineer “. Will be trained according to the reduced program. By the way, she is possible only for those who have the finished secondary education of the corresponding profile.

Generally if you dream to become in the future the doctor or the engineer, secondary professional education will serve as a good step to the purpose.

Now it is possible to talk about the higher education.

To the one who from a school bench has obvious abilities to training, dreams to master fundamental sciences, history, the right, economy, wishes to learn professionally foreign languages - a direct road in higher educational institutions.

The Russian economy needs experts in the field of mechanical engineering today, oil and gas, food, chemical industry, power, transport and many others - “work of everyone is necessary to equally “.

The constant need for competent shots - “at … and around hundred works on one thousand hands “ grows.

Some want to graduate according to the accelerated program. On average the term of training can be reduced, but no more than on one academic year. Business this voluntary, and at any time the student has the right to return to the full program of training.

However, students of higher education institutions, unlike their colleagues with secondary vocational education, should take care independently of acquisition of practical skills in the specialty.

Soviet period with obligatory work practice remained far in the past. But it is not an obstacle for purposeful, young and perspective. There would be a desire, and everyone can achieve success.

Generally, “the book having turned over , reel up on a mustache. All works are good, choose on taste “.