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How it is correct to choose a mascot for the house and to place it?

Many people trust in force of mascots and charms, and wish that they brought them to the house good luck. Often people choose charms for the house, almost not zadumyvas as it is correct to place them therefore often make mistakes in such important issue. In some houses it is possible to see a large number of mascots because their owners consider that if they already brought a mascot to the house, it is not necessary to do anything any more since it at once will begin to work for the family benefit. But this point of view is quite misleading. Very important not only to choose an effective charm for the house, but also it is correct to place it. For an example we will take, one of the most ancient and strongest charms - a horseshoe. It is considered that the horseshoe attracts to the house happiness, good luck, the blagopoluyena. Probably, all Slavs, irrespective of religious beliefs, very much respect this symbol and use it as a charm for the house.

the Horseshoe really from pokon is centuries an effective charm for the house, however, that it worked for the benefit of its owner, he needs to know some “secrets“.

For example, all know that for protection of the house the horseshoe needs to be hung up over a door, but many do not know that the horseshoe needs to be hung up “horns up“. Such horseshoe will sivolizirovat a full bowl. Therefore such widespread and beautiful horseshoes, with hand bells unambiguously do not approach. It is not for nothing said that “all that glitters is not gold“.

What to do if it is difficult to find a horseshoe? Whether it is possible to buy it?

Of course, it is the best of all to find a horseshoe on the road, but, unfortunately, in the modern cities to find a horseshoe very difficult, it is almost impossible because presently instead of horses people prefer absolutely other means of transport. It is possible to find a horseshoe easily only in the village. Therefore other option will be suitable for city dwellers: to buy a horseshoe in the market or in shop. In any market it is possible to see a wide choice of various horseshoes, especially from a tree, the main thing not to make the wrong choice.

The horseshoe from what swore approaches as a charm better: from a tree or from metal?

Best of all horseshoes from metal because all horses have metal horseshoes approach.

Whether the moon phase for a right choice of a mascot, in particular horseshoes matters?

On my supervision, for a good choice of any mascot the growing moon phase best of all podokhodit.

What to do if over a door the horseshoe “horns down“ already hangs?

It is necessary to move it in the correct situation, that is “horns up“, otherwise it will not work as a charm for the house. If the horseshoe hangs in the wrong situation, it will not carry out the function. It will work against the owner even if he does not notice it in the beginning. Happen that misfortunes come from incorrectly chosen mascot. If the mascot is “not on the place“, or in the wrong situation - wait for trouble. There can pass a lot of time before the person understands soy a mistake and will correct it.

Whether it is possible to use a horseshoe how decoration of the apartment?

It is possible, but only at observance of rules (see above).

Whether it is possible to use a horseshoe how a charm, not only for the house, but also for office?

Not only it is possible, but also it is necessary. If it is correct to choose and hang up a horseshoe, it will work as a charm not only houses, but also at a workplace.

At office the horseshoe needs to be hung up also how houses or in a different way?

Yes, certainly. It is necessary to follow the same rules.

What to do if in the market at the choice from a large number of horseshoes, “the hand reaches“ only for one of horseshoes? What does it mean?

At the choice of a mascot it is necessary to be guided not only rules, but also to listen to the intuition. The intuition helps to choose a mascot correctly too. If “the hand lasts“, means it is necessary to buy this horseshoe.

I want to wish to all people who look for suitable charms for the house a right choice of a mascot!