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How quickly to be prepared for summer? Councils for women. Day of second

We decided to pass the express - a course of training by summer and made already a lot of things at the first stage: visited a bath where carried out the clearing and looking after procedures for a body, the person and hair, and went on a tasty and pleasant diet. What to do is farther?

Day of the second

1. Sunbed.

So far your skin after a bath smooth, equal and ground by peelings - run in a sunbed. Let`s not press in disputes - whether it is useful to sunbathe in general. In all the best choice is a golden mean. It is not obligatory to be baked to a brown crust at all, but also to frighten the husband by pale skin with the blue veins translucent through it - too incorrectly. At least, it is pleasant - to lie down under bright light and to luxuriate in heat in a horizontal sunbed or to dance under music, having loaded with energy - in vertical.

Personally I always recommend to begin since five minutes of stay in a sunbed and so these five minutes and to finish - for good mood and a honey shade of skin also this time will be enough for you, remaining in a sunbed longer - you risk to burn. Do not forget to get from the administrator of a stikina and cream to suntan - the bronzator suitable your type and a shade of skin. It is a guarantee that suntan will lay down exactly and any ray of an ultraviolet will not be gone in vain. Besides, a bronzator from good UF protection - pledge of what you do not burn.

That - you look better and better. It is time to pass to active actions - we go to massage and to the pool! In what sequence we will visit two of these actions - to solve to us, but experience shows that after good sports loading massage is perceived by a body as well as possible. So...

2. Swimming, water aerobics.

Why it is obligatory for us to get into the wet, cold water? Really it is impossible just to run about around the house or to weed weeds at the dacha - both advantage, and loading?

Everything is very simple: water - unique natural “podtyagivatel“ of skin. There is nothing better than water procedures as soon as possible to make a body elastic and dense, and “lifting - effect“ begins literally with the first occupations in the pool. Remember what we always come harmonous from sea tour, often without having dumped gram. Visits of the pool especially it is actual that who keeps to a diet - excess water and fat leave, there is a risk that skin will droop, and we will begin to correspond to a saying: “A thin cow - yet not a gazelle“.

Pick up to yourself works to liking - can be, you like to swim just slowly from a side to a side, and then long to stand under a hot shower. Or perhaps you adore frolicing in water as the mermaid, competing with girlfriends in movement speed “crawl“ or “breast stroke“. Or, having put on a foam belt and having armed with porolonovy dumbbells, under music to master water aerobics elements. Adjust yourself on what to get into the water everything is it is necessary, and it is better to do it with pleasure. Even better - since the morning, before work. Then the whole day with you will be feeling that today you really took care of the health and beauty.

Besides, your feeling - your body, gentle after a bath, golden after visit of a sunbed and elastic after swimming in the pool changes, and asks on …

3. Massage.

Besides that it is very pleasant procedure, massage serves the same purpose - to clean the cellulitis crust which accrued during the winter, to tighten skin, to arrange to an organism a lymphatic drainage, to accelerate a metabolism - to wake the sleeping organism by summer. By means of massage many problems - osteochondrosis, a muscular spasm, headaches, etc. by

of Types of massage - great variety are solved, and it costs expensive: there is a massage classical, is with elements of manual therapy (when, besides muscles, to you carry out soft editing of a backbone), there are massages Thai, hot stones, massage of the head, anti-cellulite, dot, medical, relaxation and a set, a great number of others. Pick up what will give you the greatest pleasure, and afford it at least once a year - preparing for such great holiday as summer.

Be convinced previously that massage is not contraindicated to you in medical parameters - and forward!

Do not forget about a diet because ahead of us the third waits “For day of preparation for summer“, full of pleasant surprises and opening!