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How quickly to be prepared for summer? Councils for women. Day of first

We wait for summer as we wait for New year and Birthday. We wait for summer as anticipations of new events, meetings, cheerful rest, favourite country efforts or slow walks on streets. And the summer comes - dries up spring slush, scatters on children`s noses of a freckle, fills air with a smell of the dismissed green leaflets. The summer comes fully equipped.

And what we, lovely women? Not without reason at all times the saying - while it`s fine weather mend your sails is actual. That is, it is necessary to train himself for summer in the fall. It is good if we all long dank fall and cold winter went to the gym, supported a golden shade of skin in a sunbed, cared for hands, visited beauty shop for vodoroslevy wrappings and massage... And if is not present? Therefore we carry out the express - a course of training by summer. Have patience - you will need only five days to put itself in relative order and to meet summer without confusion. What to begin with?

Day the first

1. Bath.

Of course, from a campaign in a bath. Certainly, you went to it all long winter, drank tea with girlfriends and discussed husbands. But this campaign - special, will once speak to you. In a bath it is necessary to execute the following procedures.

For a body: surely srub. Mix sour cream and salt in a proportion one to one, coffee thick and liquid soap, ground stones of an apricot and honey. You can use purchased cosmetic - the effect will not be worse. Do not forget to wipe properly patches, elbows and knees. If tomorrow evening you do not depart to holiday - it is necessary to shave hair standing and in other places where to women they can be deleted. If you depart - from where you have hair there, you removed them by means of an epilation in beauty shop still yesterday?! Before an exit from a bath it is useful to apply on all body the warmed-up coconut oil, a milk, spray - your favourite care product for itself. Very well the moisturizing creams with effect of blinking look. I congratulate - you prepared yourself and the organism for the following stage of a meeting of summer: massage and visit of a sunbed. Especially if drank couple of cups of green tea or broth of a dogrose in a bath.

For the person: a special gentle peeling not too to injure skin. A mask - depending on type and a condition of skin. The clearing steaming-out mask with a grated cucumber and a drop of lemon juice will be suitable for fat skin. Dry, sensitive skin will be delighted to warm olive oil with grated parsley. The withering skin will be helped the beaten egg white with starch. Having waited for necessary time (usually 10 - 20 rumple), wash away a mask and apply the moisturizing cream which suits you. You are ready to visit of the cosmetologist - even if you do not indulge him the visits, before approach of summer, once a year, you are simply obliged to visit at it. As, what for? Ahead face peel and correction of eyebrows.

For hair: warm burdock oil and for twenty minutes rub it in the head. Harm will not be precisely. Various masks with snakeskin extract (for growth of hair), balms and gels are good, but at this stage of preparation for summer we need just to wash up hair - all the rest with them will be made by the hairdresser. We will go to it before opening of a beach season?

2. Diet. not for nothing mentioned

Ya about green tea and broth of a dogrose which should be enjoyed in a bath. As the next five days at us unloading are also devoted to preparation for summer, belts should be tightened. You can go on the favourite diet which is already tested and yielding results. If you do not have that - offer the. It is that you do not refuse to yourself anything - within the resolved products. Minus is that it is a little resolved products - kefir, carrot, fruit and salad from the Beijing cabbage, tomatoes, garlic and gas station - it is possible mayonnaise, it is possible - olive oil, it is possible to fill salad even sunflower - if only to eat. In five days if stands firm, you it will be possible to beat out carpets. If hold on longer - estimate that such diet allows to dump no more than 2,5 kg a month is a painless and soft weight reduction, and you practically do not hunger - just crumble to yourself the next basin of salad and enjoy.

Here and so - crackling carrot - you finish the First day of preparation for summer . About your further steps you learn from the following article.