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Why women are shortly cut? Causes and effects of

At first article was called “Boughs are cut nalyso“. Sounds well, but I mean not it. Nalyso cuts girls (and women) for reasons of the highest order, me inaccessible. Here it is short to have hair cut - another matter.

From what the short hairstyle would be carried by the woman in society where from all screens advertizing of long hair rushes (in the form of rollers about shampoos and balms - conditioners). Suntanned girls shake manes of various shades. Hair emphasize sexuality therefore in any advertizing, since a video about chewing gum and finishing with demonstration of a video camera, you have a risk to meet the pyshnokudry beauty.

At all times female hair were considered not only a symbol of beauty, but also health, force and appeal. To be cut pregnant women avoided, to wives it was forbidden to cut husbands (“You will cut off love“) and so on - various signs and superstitions. What can force the woman in senses and strong memory to refuse hair and to choose a short hairstyle?

At once the obvious reason occurs: bad hair. Liquid, rare, thin - vsyak abuses himself differently, an essence one - so bad hair that I cannot grow. Lie. I met women with wonderful dense curls, short-haired at match length. Also saw girls literally with “three filaments“ on the head, but length to a bottom and well-groomed - as they say, there would be a desire. So excuses are not accepted.

Another obvious (for some) the reason: representatives of nonconventional sexual orientation are cut shortly. Not necessarily - they have a mass of various ways to prove, without resorting to a cardinal measure - a “malchikovy“ hairstyle.

For a start it is necessary to understand what is it - to have long hair? They should be cared and cherished, combed and fed with balms, to wash and to dry long without hair dryer not to spoil structure. The corresponding sincere spirit and time is necessary to be engaged in the hair daily.

And now present such vital conditions for the woman in which she has no time, forces, desires and opportunities to look after themselves. It is a little such situations, but they are - it is extreme poverty, an illness of the loved one, a hard work - situations in which to survive, the woman should refuse herself. To become someone to others. Someone who can work round the clock, is strong, maloemotsionalen and wears hair short. Correctly - to become the man. And she makes the choice, refusing hair.

At rough calculation, the short hairstyle daily saves half an hour - for the woman “surviving“ this time it can be critical. And now, as a result, it is representable that occurs in soul of such woman forced to refuse one of the main components of her female consciousness. It flies into a rage. It turns in a bough. And it is not the reason, but a consequence any more.

Shortly short-haired boughs essentially differ from bitches in behavior and habits. On the example of situations:

1. In an episode of the conflict with the husband (the friend, the lover, fight - the friend) the bitch will be on the ball. Will shout and will beat ware if it is necessary - will abandon flowerpots about a wall. Masterly pomanipulirut sense of guilt, responsibility or all fifteen other painful buttons of darling which are perfectly known to it and on which it presses in the necessary sequence many years.

A bough will arrive in a different way - it has no time, forces and nerves on these games. On the first time she will report that it is necessary for it and that - no. It is necessary - love, attention, compliments, care, caress. It is not necessary - changes, lies, delay, alcoholism, to raise on it the voice, to criticize or, God forbid, to control its expenditure.

If you do not understand from the first - it will leave. And it is unimportant that it will take with itself - three children, a half of property, the most part of your badly reparable nervous cages or a cat with whom came to live to you. No matter, what it will take with itself - important that you will remain in emptiness. The world keeps on boughs.

2. Where the bitch long, by means of manipulations, blackmail and cunning, forces the man to weld and bring in bed morning coffee (to buy her a fur coat, the car, giving, to pay rest in Italy), a bough, without spending excess forces, goes down in little shop and buys to himself soluble. Also gives itself it to a bed. And then files for divorce and goes to the lover. And why to it the first man who even did not make coffee? He will bring children to school and will pay with it summer holiday. Where it will get to?

Generalizing other situations (which, as we know, a special case of regularity), I will tell that, in my opinion, the main difference of the bitch from boughs is that the bitch still has a hope and belief in the future. A bough lost this hope long ago and counts only on himself. Quite good at the same time achieving results.

So it turned out in our society, in our country, on our planet that requirement imposed to the man, generally one - to make good money. The woman has to:

• It is good to prepare.

• To clean up the house.

• To give birth to children (it is desirable both healthy, and heterosexual).

• To be able to develop, treat, love and do these children with them homework.

• To erase, iron, sew.

• And is obligatory - to make good money. It is no more than man, but also not to live off him. Otherwise not to pass it reproaches in a tranzhirstvo, laziness, idleness, sitting of the house, not economy and so on.

Oh, forgot - still it is necessary:

• To look good. And that your man can stop loving and cease to want you. Also there are no chances (at least, in Russia, with our mentality where men from the Great Patriotic War - worth its weight in gold, and clever and intelligent men - on platinum weight even since Great October revolution) that the man will estimate female work.

Your refusal of the career will look as follows:

The wife thinks: I will stay at home with children, I will provide to the husband the reliable back, I will give it the chance to earn and there will be to us happiness .

The husband considers: I worked from morning to the night, plowed as an ox and earned money. It is my money .

Bitches still hope to beat out from men of their money, that is create illusions to prove to men that our work is important too. Only it is vain. Why to the man to understand it? Then it is necessary to feel sorry for us, to carry on hands, to help us with household chores and to share earned. Boughs were disappointed in this process long ago - they earn the money.

By the way, you does not surprise why many business - ladies are shortly cut?