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Holiday. We will be delayed according to the full scheme?

Think, a little on light will be the people not concordant with the fact that the best time in a year is time of deserved holiday.

And than long-awaited rest when officially with a clear conscience it is possible to send wherever one wishes the work which bothered in eleven months is closer, inevitably there are three unseparable questions: how? where? how much?

For certain everyone wants to be delayed according to the full scheme, and it is desirable that all thirty three pleasures were included. That this never-ending stream of a high where - nibud by the warm sea proceeded, and costs of all this were minimized. Well at least to such sizes upon return home not to kick off with hunger, previously having thrown teeth on the most distant shelf.

You will tell, it is unreal? Besides, what to hell the warm sea if your holiday fell on winter months?! Here you are mistaken! In total in your hands. The only barrier on your way to a nirvana is adoration degree you itself the favourite, and warm sea at that time year when at us snow lie and sadly blizzards howl, in the world is more than enough.

For example, Canary Islands: Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Fuertaventura, Tenerife is only part of islands of the remarkable archipelago where the eternal summer will always meet you by warmth of the Atlantic Ocean and the unique nature. And beaches on islands, as well as hotels, - for every taste. At the same time you can choose even color of sand - black or white, depending on the island which attracted to you. What is pleasant to you more? I understand, you already begin to ache that for such trip you should give the last pants.

Lie! So only the person who was never interested in the real rest can tell. For the sake of interest visit a two-three of travel companies and take an interest in permits to places where eternal paradise stretches. Of course, it will be a little more expensive, than a prosazhivaniye of a vacation pay in nearby pub (though in certain cases it is possible and to argue with it), but believe, it is worth it.

Besides if you become an owner “to all - inclusive“ that our way zamanchivy sounds much more and means “all inclusive“, you can consider that your favourite pub went to rest together with you, having very expanded at the same time the range!

Also do not lie at least to yourself, sobbing and smearing on tear cheeks that this unrealizable dream of the childhood is inaccessible to you approximately the same as Miss Universe. In a year it is possible to manage to postpone money for the permit. It safely is also repeatedly checked by different individuals. Of course, someone, maybe, also should refuse to himself something, but I do not think that several sabantuychik which did not come true in a year with friends can be reflected strongly in yours health for the worse.

Besides the prices of permits fluctuate in rather wide range. It depends also on the island chosen by you, and on what hotel to you to taste or on a pocket what rest to you is more to liking - active or a privacy. Options - the sea! The main thing to take the first step and to visit travel agency. There - that to you will make digression across the Canary Islands and will pick up rest on your taste, delicately considering at the same time and your opportunities.

So do not play for time, try to catch for a tail heat better - a bird! Humour yourself unforgettable pastime in the magnificent resort.

Also you remember: if to aim, then there is nothing unrealizable, and the fairy tale surely will become bylyyu!