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“Heelys“. Why to sneakers wheels?

A, why wheels, for example, to the car? To go. And to sneakers …

“Hilisa`s (English heelys - patches) - sneakers with the wheels inserted into them. Wheels are inserted into a heel and are removed by means of a key. Having removed wheels and having inserted caps, sneakers can be used as the most usual footwear. To go with the inserted wheels quite really as on a small heel, but time is necessary to get used.“ Wikipedia.

As well as dzholl - jumpers, my daughter at first saw this miracle strange in the informative Galileo program. Then began to look for all information on the Internet. Then saved up money and … Here they, sneakers with castors, already at home!

At first “first attempts at writing“, the first drivings in the apartment, under grumble of the grandmother and dissatisfied remarks of the wife.

Here and the first happy “departure on public“, the first delights of people around, the band of children running for the daughter and … the first falling. And the huge cone on a forehead for the third day of “pokatushka“. And absolute, genuine pleasure from such here “pokatushka“.

So, hilisa. Or sneakers of Heelys firm.

History of creation of such “vehicle“ is rather funny.

Roger Adams (Roger Adams) is the child who grew up in an unusual family. His parents were owners a board - park (the platform for scooters and skateboarders). Roger, having got medical education and having even worked several years the doctor, returned to business of the childhood. And here, to it the idea to insert castors into a sole of sneakers came. No sooner said than done! The prototype was created in one day, on obtaining patents nearly two years left. On the eve of Christmas of 2000. the first party of “wheel“ sneakers appeared in shops of the USA. The new goods were sold in only several hours! Today sneakers of Heelys firm are on sale in 92 countries of the world at the price of $90-130.

The design of “a wheel sneaker“ is quite simple. In a heel deepening in a wheel form is made, and … the castor is inserted there. A massive slip on a heel from badly erased material (such peculiar brake). So “vehicle“ turns into usual footwear. A castor it is possible to take out and insert instead of it a special cap. In total.

, It seems, everything is simple. Aha, now … As well as any vehicle, hilisa require the special skills and special attention to safety.

The main secret of safe driving - at movement on hilisa of a leg needs to be held one after another, keeping balance. The center of gravity is entirely transferred to a heel. It is necessary to make a start from the earth a sock, to brake a heel, almost like on rollers. And further to be guided by own feelings.

“A stone on the way!“ - the main parting word of “hilisovshchik“ each other. And it is not casual. Even the smallest pebble, getting to a gleam between a castor and a sole, will jam a wheel. Consequences at a small speed - a spotykaniye (I do not know how to tell in a different way, but, I hope, it is clear) and before almost inevitable falling when, for example, you slide from a big hill. Therefore if you are going to ride from a hill, the protective equipment is obligatory.

Spotykaniya ipadeniye can cause also cracks in asphalt or other covering, poles and other almost imperceptible obstacles.

It is very dangerous to ride hilisa on borders and other speakers over the earth even to very plain surfaces. Quite so my daughter suffered the first serious injury though she skated on roller-skaters on a wide side of asphalt without any consequences. Though, there are special nozzles (“grinda“) which allow to ride on pipes and other curved surfaces, it is better not to experiment with them without good preparation and protective equipment.

Well, and it is better not to ride hilisa during wet weather. Wheels slip, and brakes do not brake as it is necessary. Any pleasure. And still very high probability to get into a mess, and not in transfer, and the most literal sense.

And, as well as many extreme entertainments, pokatushka on hilisa quickly turned into such andegraudny sport. Who will pass further, who will jump above, who is stronger krutanyotsya … It is better to do all this on a surface, equal, pure from small pebbles.

Fans of this quite exotic pastime call themselves steprayder.

There were also specialized terms. Driving, jumps, turns etc. is called only it, to steprayder, the famous terms.

And one more aspect of hobby of part of the population for “roller sneakers“. Business.

In - the first, sale.

In - the second, repair. So, my daughter broke a castor on our asphalt on the third week of intensive driving. Change of the bearing at the local handyman cost (with work) only 80 rub, and full replacement of wheels would manage approximately in 500 - 700.

In - the third, training in tricks.

Well and the last. The person sliding on sneakers ordinary in appearance draws general attention. On - scientific, causes at watching it WOW - effect. Therefore, having got this exotic “transport“, be ready to it. Both when you slide and when, swearing, you stumble or you fall …