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PHENOMENON. “Samvel Garibyan remembered

and reproduced 1000 words unknown to it with the translation with 10 - ti languages: English, German, Urdu, Dari, Farsi, Pashto, Bengali, Esperanto, Arab and Spanish. Experiment took place in Progress publishing house in June, 1990“.

Book of records of “Ginness“, 1991 of page 16. Moscow, prod. - in “Progress“.

Samvel Garibyan is the two-time champion of the book of records of Gines according to the section “INFALLIBLE MEMORY“. *

Samvel Agasinovich Garibyan was born

on February 1, 1963 in the city of Akhalkalaki, Georgia. In 1985 graduated from law department of the Rostov State University, worked in Yerevan as the lawyer, then in MINISTRY OF JUSTICE.

“In the childhood many teachers abused me for absent-mindedness, I dreamed, sometimes during lessons “departured“ in distant distances..., but I studied brilliantly though I drove in the yard in soccer more, than sat at textbooks. Differed in the fine memory allowing me it is simple to remember what it was told in about a class“ to

Much later, being already a student, it sent the abilities to a certain course. There was it absolutely incidentally. Someone from friends told about the brother who remembers from 50 to 20 words. The audience decided to try the abilities to storing. Someone remembered 5 words, someone 7, 10. Samvel managed from the first 20, and from the second he repeated all fifty.

Gradually it finished the volume of the remembered information to such an extent which allowed to speak about its abilities as about phenomenal. During study at university Samvel Garibyan got into an extreme situation: after operation on elimination of short-sightedness to it forbade to strain sight, and examinations should be taken - without books, without abstracts, counting on hearing and memory.

A then when sight was restored, it did not cease to train the memory, in parallel actively practicing yoga, including breathing exercises thanks to which it managed to concentrate as much as possible during storing.

It actively worked on development of a technique of storing. Which of the best teachers of the world was never mistaken? Only nature. And who represents the nature on Earth? Of course, first of all, children. Here Samvel also began to look narrowly at children of different age and saw that their natural way to perceive things - by means of feelings. Each thing reminds them something from their inner world the imagination, so they remember all new. It also became a basis of a technique of Samvel Garibyan.

Today Page. Garibyan possesses huge abilities on instant storing of oral and printing information of certain types - foreign lexicon, figures, separate words, expressions etc. S. Garibyan`s abilities are recognized international scientifically - information community, twice registered in “Guinness Book of Records“ and mass media were repeatedly noted. He is a developer of an original method of memory development by the author of algorithm of creation of universal language. (the bus is twisted - in Russian joint stock company). In the world and Russian press more than 1 thousand articles, reportings and summaries on S. Garibyan`s books were published. He is a participant more than 100 subject programs on TV channels of Russia, Belarus, Israel, Armenia, Estonia, etc. countries. In 2001 it is included in the Book of records of Russia “Miracle“, in 2003 - in the Book of records “Lefthander“; Publications: several tens scientifically - popular and problem articles in periodic printing editions.

S. Garibyan is the author of books “Activization of Memory and Thinking“ (1988), “Superaktivation of memory through revival of emotions“ (1990), “School of memory“ (1993), “School of memory 2“ (2001), the author and the author of dictionaries “My new Babylon. Dictionary of keys of storing. 1300 English words“ (1996, 2000), “English without English. The dictionary of keys zapominaniya1500 everyday English words with their reinforcement the Russian popular expressions“ (2002 - 03), “English without English 2. The dictionary of keys of storing of 2000 active English words with their reinforcement the Russian popular expressions“ (2004 - 05); “A miracle - the dictionary of keys of storing of 3500 English words “English without English“ (2008) . Awards: medal and Ginness`s diploma (1990, 2000).