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How to choose a gift? Rules of etiquette

Forgive, dear readers, here you will not read exact instructions what gifts need to be given. Only your imagination, taste, tactfulness and intuition can help with the matter.

I will only try to remind of the rules of etiquette which are safely forgotten by all in the choice of a gift. The modern youth, of course, heard about such concept, but to live by rules of etiquette as they consider, now not fashionably and it is a shame.

Surprises me why you do not think that it can be a shame to give unnecessary superoriginal and outstanding gifts too?

I can seem you a bore, and still I will dare. Making a start from own experience, I can tell that the unnecessary thing at birthday can be offensive and to leave an unpleasant deposit. Why her person presented? Just waved away from the choice of a gift, or it has such small imagination? For me such “gifts on duty“ remain a riddle to this day. Presentation of a gift is not only art, but also the self-presentation of own personality, her versatility. You show the imagination and define the position to the person by means of a gift.

The main thing governed - to give gifts so that also you, and the addressee received only positive emotions. Present to relatives and friends pleasure! Remind them of the feelings!

The choice of a gift needs to be thought over. I suggest to understand step by step.

Decide on object - parents, parents of parents, friends, the administration, the husband, the wife and so on. All of us understand that the thing which can be presented to the girlfriend cannot be given to the chief at all. At best you will look silly, in the worst - there will be problems at work. Still nobody cancelled subordination.

Do not forget that it is necessary to approach the choice of a gift more carefully if his female recipient. Here to please them far more difficult! In such situation it is better “to fish around“ carefully and in advance to learn.

With men, as well as in life, everything is much simpler. List of their desirable gifts much more already and nezamyslovaty. And in most cases they directly report about what is wanted. However if someone hinted at a desirable gift already in advance, there is a dilemma - to present what wants, or something unexpected.

I in that case buy two gifts. - expected the first, the second in the form of a bonus (it can be inexpensive) that there was an effect of surprise, as without it! Of course, it is possible to hand also one gift, but then it needs to be issued somehow originally and to present unusually.

It is necessary to determine the level of communication with the addressee - well to think over, close relations with this person or superficial. Accurately define borders of legal. Depends on it how nontrivial gift he can present. Remember his hobbies, a circle of aspirations and desires.

If you are a little familiar with the addressee, you should not give him things of daily use. And the more so never you give clothes, perfume, cosmetics is too individually. An exception can be only close people whose interests you very well know and can be completely sure of the choice.

Decide on the importance of a holiday. In Russia they are nearly every day therefore it is possible to work only for one gifts. Of course, for various holidays not equivalent gifts are given. Here the main thing - to define a circle of the main dates for which your main budget or its part will be spent (depends on as far as you like to give gifts). Now such variety of gifts - practical, live, musical, adventure... Do not get confused in them.

The risk is very big to seem not amusing, but ridiculous. Except gifts for holidays and celebrations, do not forget to please the relatives with some pleasant trifles just like that. I, for example, have one acquaintance who always speaks: “I do not like to give gifts for holidays. They also do not bring such expected any emotions. However if I saw a bagatelle, and it reminded me of one of my acquaintances, I will buy it surely and I will present to him“. Agree - though a knickknack, but it is so pleasant!

Think over the place. Important not only that, as, but also where. You should not do it on the street or in the public place. Create a pleasant situation for the solemn moment. In case you are responsible for carrying out a holiday, think over everything to trifles (from invitation to competitions and entertainments). Decorate the room as much as possible floridly. Same holiday! Do not exclude also a swagger - major circumstances, anyway they will be. Therefore it is necessary to expect typical situations in advance and to be prepared just in case for them.

How to give? Every time when there comes the time of holidays, we begin to rush about between shops searching. Also we do it, naturally, at the last minute, such is our mentality. We gather the mountain of unnecessary things, and it is awful! Then it is a shame to us to become for such “attention“ and this thing provalyatsya in a far corner of the storeroom until it is thrown out, at last. Do not do, please, so! Think of the choice of a gift in advance. Approach it with all gravity. If you have not enough money or they are absent at all, do not despair. At the worst make a gift with own hands, enclose a little the soul. It was appreciated at all times, and now became also fashionable. Except the gift, it is possible to apply the imagination and in original, cool packing.

So, you arrived to the place of a celebration. It is not necessary from a threshold carelessly at once to congratulate (only flowers can be handed at once). Stretch an intrigue. Pass to the room. You should not speak about the gift price at all, to extol it, to apologize for it, to tell about heavy search, generally, to do all that will draw attention to your person. It is not necessary to spoil the pleasure moment. Remember, the presentation of a gift is a solemn and high point! And at this moment the addressee, but not you has to come under the spotlight.

Tell several warm words to the hero of the occasion about his importance in your life, about your kind attitude towards him and so forth. And only after that hand the gift. You have to present it personally and better in day of festival. There is also a culture of acceptance of gifts, but it is already other question.

Perhaps, you counted my councils insignificant? Then it is possible to look from the mercenary party - in reply you will receive the gifts similar to the therefore it is worth reflecting. If you agree that the choice of a gift is a serious and responsible business, means my efforts were not vain.