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How it is correct to satisfy thirst in hot day? We drink and do not take a steam bath!

As are frequent in hot summer day, testing painful thirst, you stop before a show-window with aerated water? Or you buy the misted Coca small bottle? And at every turn sell cold kvass from barrels And the hand besides your will already tries to keep step with a glass of reviver.

We take a set of drinks and we not always think of their advantage or harm to our organism. Let`s talk about some of them today.


It is no secret that kvass happens real and not real.

The real kvass contains vitamins of group B, lactic bacteria, valuable enzymes and other useful substances. It possesses excellent tastes and well satisfies thirst. As the product of sour-milk fermentation, kvass normalizes work of intestines and is warm - vascular system, improves a metabolism, interferes with development of pathogenic microorganisms, lifts a tone.

However kvass is not recommended to use excessively at cirrhosis, gastritis and a hypertension.

If as a part of kvass there are fragrances or sweeteners, so under his name sell usual aerated water.

Here we will also talk about it further.

Sweet aerated water

From it is not present any advantage at all. But this drink can be carried to harmful products freely. From - for a huge amount of sugar the risk of development of obesity and diabetes increases.

The aerated soft drinks - the cook - a stake or Pepsi - Coca, for example. These drinks contain the destructive potential of acid. Besides, in Coca it is full of sugar. It extinguishes appetite, and in the evening the hungry organism behind a nourishing dinner fills calories. It conducts to obesity. And excess receipt in an organism of the phosphoric acid which is contained in these drinks can cause deficiency of calcium.

From Coca - light do not get fat, but it damages health more: worsens work of heart, has exciting effect and it is not recommended to pregnant women and the feeding women.

Mineral water

All favourite mineral water has different effect on an organism. Also it depends on its structure.

Mineral water normalizes work of a digestive tract and a metabolism, removes toxins, restores structure of a cage.

However it is necessary to remind that doctors recommend it to drink without gas. And only table water can be drunk without recommendations. All other medicinal mineral waters need to be taken after medical examination.


Exists two types of juice: freshly squeezed and industrial origin. I will tell at once that juice of an industrial origin loses useful qualities. For the use it is better to choose not clarified juice of a direct extraction from them.

Freshly squeezed juice possesses all useful qualities, as fruits from which they are prepared.

Nectars and juice drinks incorporate a large amount of sugar and additives.

Fans of juice should not forget about their high caloric content from - for sucrose or fructose.

There is an opinion that the daily use of juice can increase risk of a disease of diabetes. Besides, the acids which are contained in juice can negatively influence an organism.

Green tea with ice

This drink is considered one of the most useful drinks around the world. It strengthens vessels, lowers cholesterol level in blood, reduces risk of developing of cancer, promotes removal of harmful substances, normalizes digestion and promotes weight loss. It is possible to list useful qualities of green tea for a long time. But you remember, the excessive use can lead it to negative impact on work of a liver and kidneys, to destabilize a blood pressure.

Drinks on the basis of milk

Many prefer to satisfy thirst with milk and dairy drinks. All of them: milk, kefir, curdled milk, fermented baked milk, yogurt etc. - contain lactic bacteria, calcium, copper, phosphorus, vitamins A, D, V, E, magnesium, potassium, sodium and other substances. These useful drinks contribute to digestion normalization, positively influence a metabolism, strengthen bones and normalize a dream.

However it is worth to remember about their high caloric content. And milk still can cause allergic reactions.

So to you to solve what drinks to take for a thirst satisfying and what - are not present.

In end I want to recommend rather useful drink - home-made lemonade .

It prepares simply: water with lemon juice in a proportion 10:1. It is possible to add a little sugar, but it is better than honey, vitamin-rich and minerals. This lemonade well satisfies thirst and slows down excessive sweating. Thanks to the vitamin C which is contained in it, invigorates and even kills a headache.

Drink on health!