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What the thistle rescues from? Give

- dear reader, I will tell you about one simple means which I regularly drink.

In general I very much do not like to enrich pharmaceutical mafia. And education (at institute the biology and chemistry were specialist subjects) allows which - what to understand in this branch (the trifle because I not really love the exact sciences). To here take, for example, one all the known preparation which moves as “the powerful tool against pain hitting precisely into the purpose“. Costs well for one hundred rubles. Is given to me that clever uncles long thought how to push cheap caffeine with paracetamol to suckers for big money.

But I not about it. There is such remarkable plant - a thistle spotty or as it is called still, a thistle dairy. This prickly plant in height to 2 meters, flowers of violet color. Thorns long and thin - it will be thrust, to take out you will be exhausted.

The plant is widespread in the Western and the Central Europe, the southern regions of Russia and Ukraine, Western Siberia, and also in America, Asia, Scotland. Blossoms in July - August. Yes all of you know it - any boy in the childhood rubat a thistle a stick, representing himself Dmitry Donskoy or the dragon winner. Eh, fools how many we pieces of this valuable plant exhausted!

Generally, read and be surprised how many useful properties at this thistle. It is visible so God conceived - that prickly plants possess the most useful properties. They as if show us, people as it is necessary to battle in this life … By the way, at many people of the world the thistle is esteemed as the strongest herb, a gift to people from Saint Virgin Mary. According to the legend, the Virgin pointed to people to curative properties of a thistle, and white spots on leaves symbolize its milk.

In 1968, after careful research at the Munich university, the thistle received special popularity in the world. It became clear that the main component of a thistle spotty is rare biologically active agent - silimarin.

Also in a thistle such minerals as zinc, selenium, copper, all group of fat-soluble vitamins, kvertetsin were found, flavolignana, polynonsaturated fatty acids - in total about 200 components, from - for what it is a part of very many complex dietary supplements.

It is used at chronic poisoning with bleaching powder, at fatty dystrophy of a liver, at the hepatitises and cirrhosis caused by alcohol, drugs, toxins, radiation.

The thistle is applied at food poisonings, chronic intoxications: alcoholic, narcotic, chemical, toxicoses of pregnant women, at the acquired immunodeficiencies, diabetes, obesity, at decrease in sight, and also for decrease in risk of cardiovascular diseases …

it are applied to cleaning of a liver, blood and all organism of toxins, by radiation, after passing of a course himio-or radiation therapy.

Such moment can serve very indicative: the dairy thistle is effective at poisoning with one of the most dangerous mushrooms - a pale toadstool. Though there is a wish to note here that if you ate a toadstool, then you should not self-medicate at all - it is necessary to call “Ambulance“ immediately.

Here how many useful properties. Even it is not trusted, the truth?

There are two main dosage forms in which this valuable plant - meal is on sale (powder from seeds) and the oil which is wrung out from the same seeds.

Remember that I spoke about dislike for enrichment of a farmmafiya? Why to buy what - todorogostoyashchy bioadditives with this plant? Why to order on the Internet? How many very sage swindlers always begin to turn near each such useful opening - not to consider! You go to the DRUGSTORE. You bend to a window and distinctly you speak: I need meal (powder) of a thistle. There is this miracle in my hometown from 30 to 60 rubles for 100 grams. Is enough for a week and more.

Why I drink this meal? Well, in - the first, we often swallow of some “wheels“ - that sleeping pill, antibiotics, still something. How many rubbish collects in a liver, it is not necessary to speak. And food at us, forgive … Preservative benzoate of sodium is the most harmless that was stuffed … there

In any case to speak - it is even impossible to drink and breathe normally if you, of course, live not at a pinery.

No, I am not a fan of an ecological way of life. I am a laid-back person, I drink water from - under the crane, sometimes even not filtered. But health nevertheless needs to be protected.

I drink on a teaspoon in twenty minutes prior to food, I wash down with water. Two - three times a day. On packs often write what should be drunk once a day, but the druggist told me that it - in case you drink as a bioadditive, but not as means of cleaning of a liver and blood.

Powder quite tasty (it is pleasant to me), sometimes differs to taste, depending on the producer a little.

What there are pobochka, contraindications? It is a little of them. The first: if there are stones in a gall bladder or passes, everything is better - to refrain. Can begin to leave that can quite lead to operation. On some websites there is information that the thistle is contraindicated at mental diseases: epilepsy, depressions etc.; it is not recommended to apply a thistle and at heart diseases as the high content of potassium and phosphorus can entail violations in work warmly - vascular system. And still for some reason the thistle is not advised to apply at short wind and respiratory diseases.

So - consult to the doctor. Care will not interfere, even at treatment with “grasses“.

And so … Personally I did not notice anything special. Unless only the liver vlyogky hurt the first few days and there was a state, as at poisoning on the third - the fourth day of reception. But - when clean up the house, dust flies! If all rubbish leaves, there can be such temporary states. It is better, than to live as future grant for young pathologists by the name of “Mr. Rubber Liver“.

And further? The health, digestion improves, immunity becomes stronger. It is possible to drink courses - for example, month in a month. Let`s not give everyones “E - to additives“ to dirty our organism!

P. S. By the way, wanted to warn. I at all not the agent employed by producers of “Thistle“. Just I want to inform you that there are cheap, but effective ways of saving of health.