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“Gulliver`s travel“: whether matters the size?

Classical plots of subjects are also good that it is possible to sing and whistle in this pipe indefinitely. And the same melody is not fashionable to be played today any more. It is desirable to turn out the classic`s plan a collar - topsy-turvy, to modernize, add to pepper, salt and a gag to taste. It is called “to be in a trend“. However, skillfully to juggle with cult works of the year one, it is necessary to have though some rudiments of talent. Rob Letterman and Jack Blek`s tandem in the recent tape “Gulliver`s Travel“ visually showed that everyone can urinate on the king, but not to everyone is allowed to make it ridiculously.

… From outside can seem that the messenger of letters Lemuel by the name of Gulliver working in large publishing house - the uniform loser. Actually Gulliver is quite happy with the place in life. He himself the chief, work easy and remains to time to potrenkat on a guitar with interest. However the beginner who was advanced in one day of stay at a workplace to outride Gulliver on an office ladder, opens for him eyes on the terrible truth - life - that, it appears, worse than ever. Confused, routine duties. One-way love to the nice journalist Darci. And total absence of prospects.

The despair pushes us on rash acts. Here and Gulliver, without having managed to force to invite Darci to appointment, pretends to be the unrecognized writer - the traveler that though somehow to attract attention. The first appointment to the Bermudas became fatal for Gulliver. Having got to a mysterious storm, he appears in Liliputiya`s country where serious, but tiny passions storm.

Wishing to seem it is better and more noble, the former letter carrier pretends to be the noble President Vsiya Zemli, the Avatar and the descendant of a nice family Skayuokerov at the same time. And what? Who can object something to the huge giant capable to spill by the sea all fleet hated Blefuskantsev? Nevertheless, which - who is not glad to Gulliver`s appearance at all. The artful general Edward will go to any of malignity, even treachery to force the upstart to leave their nice island … Here is interesting to

what would be told about it by Johnathan Swift? As if the author treated that his well-known satirical work turned in hands of far descendants in silly, places trite, the comedy with naked asses and the sea of pathos? He would be delighted, uvidav how the well-fad big fellow in shorts, and even without it, urinates on the Lilliputian king and it is jerked in ecstasy from own jokes? Lucky. The dead, as they say, do not sweat and with shame do not redden.

I will not lie which - that to creators of a tape everything is worked well. My applause to specialists in computer special effects. And though they showed nothing essentially new (these technologies are known and fulfilled in such tapes as “Darling I reduced children“ and “Night in the museum“ for a long time), nevertheless we will thank magicians for carefully traced trifles. Alas, on it dithyrambs come to an end, and the bitter truth begins.

At the beginning of the film career as the comedian Jack Blek still though somehow amused with grimaces and grimaces that is especially authentic looked at “School of fate“. But when the same gestures and a mimicry began to be transferred diligent by the actor from the movie to the movie without any invention, his behavior of many audience became frank to irritate. Blek is, of course, a talented performer. And musician very gifted, though isumburny a little. But at the age of full forty with a tail years all these youth tricks, shorts with gym shoes and enthusiasm for “Star wars“ are obviously farfetched. It is necessary only to establish the fact - Blek “is much better heard“ off-screen (“Ice Age“, “A shelter - faugh the Panda“), than “looks“ on the screen. Image of the unshaven little man with bad manners already finally became obsolete.

Actually Blek`s influence and it, sometimes absurd, jokes too close to the foul also turned the movie into an indigestible show. No doubt, sometimes and it is possible to find something valuable in a lot of garbage, but there is no wish to rummage in garbage somehow. Absolutely.

All right, figs with it, with humour. Very few people expected from purely Hollywood picture of refined British jokes or easy French sarcasm. If it is the romantic comedy, we will try to find calm in love affairs of the hero.

The princess Mary performed by Emily Blant, of course, is charming. But in couple to the main character put absolutely muffled Amanda Pete who, having flashed once in “Nine yards“ with Willis, was just lost with happiness and since then everywhere plays the frightened schoolgirl.

Practice of transfer of television actors at big cinema “Gulliver`s Travel“ did not avoid. We welcome modest Horatio in the person of for some reason fairly rumpled Jason Sigel (Marshall from series “As I Met Your Mother“) and Irish Chris O`Dowd (general Edward) from an ingenious British sitcom “Programmers“.

It is how bright and O`Dowd in role of the film villain, unexpected for himself was interesting, is so gray and Sigel was tasteless. Not that I had warm feelings for it after viewing of several seasons “As I met your mother“, but there it looked on the place and, as they say, did not spoil a look. Here Sigel - a total miskasting. Baggy, depressing and talking language of boulevard female novels. Ah, he loves the princess, but cannot admit to her it in any way. No royal person respecting herself even close would begin to hob-nob with such imperceptible character. And even the final kiss does not rescue from feeling that the princess chose smaller from two evils.

Here Chris O`Dowd pleased. On the one hand - the evil and even artful tipets ready to lease own homeland if only most to remain with a wheel. With another - pathetic and petty a liliputishka, “the soldier who is not knowing words of love“, and therefore suffering from own disproportionate ego and absence of reciprocity.

Verdict: uneven kintso. At all visual appeal and the dissipated advances opportunities with a classical plot, the comedy with extremely tedious romantic line turned out weak jokes. Predictability of succession of events strained not so much how many the obvious decision of creators to merge an ending in magnificent deification of pathos and foolish dances with songs.

In native American hire the tape, by the way, completely justified the slogan - “The more a case, the more loudly falls“. 40 million collecting at the budget 112 (and a rating on IMDb - 4,8) - it is not simply bad, it is a pipe.