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Idol of


and - the beginning new anything an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour


p you Should not do an idol of a cardboard.

and the Idol lives until it is seen in something - where it mediocrity.

and the Saint, ineptly undertaking a molding of pots - risks doubt people the sanctity.

p the Idol not for an admiring - and for imitation and rivalry.

p Idols are enemies of identity.

and Imitation idols - one of self-education forms.

and the Person is similar to parents, teachers, friends, poets …

and the Person studies at those more - who wiser.

and can do Without shows of people, without bread - no.

p the Idols respected by people first of all have to be

those who feed us, dresses, educates, treats, protects

from the evil, but not those who entertain. and Even the most unscrupulous people have

idols, before a cat -

an eye they redden. z, as a rule, those who cannot estimate greatness -

well of human activity have Idols of no

, or at excessively ambitious.

and Each person can become an idol at children.

and With ease having become an idol at the child, we unfairly can remain

to them for the rest of life.

pv not to perceive all representatives of an opposite sex as a possible half - needs to define the ideal.


p Imitation has to be not from uncertainty in itself - and from aspiration to take the best from the standing people. p If you are bad

, and cannot change yourself then study

of good people and imitate them.

z A lot of things in behavior of people is result of a subpassion -

a niya.

and Fashion - it is rather an imitation, than beauty.

z Imitation - the worst enemy of identity.

and Behind imitation - identity is not visible.

and Imitation - a praise which sincerity it is possible not to doubt.

d Children involuntarily imitate adults.

p Blindly it is impossible to imitate people - each person is especially individual.

p Imitation - an independence hindrance. with

and Excessive imitation - I kill in the person own.

p Excessively admiring and imitating others, we undermine ve -

ru in ourselves, we weaken independence.

and Idols are patrons of imitation.

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