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Drawing parallels, it is possible to bury in a perpendicular? Whether

A are crossed the parallel worlds among themselves in such a way that we perceive them as our real and only world?

The parallel world (in a fantasy) - the reality existing in some way along with ours, but irrespective of it.

Having gathered in searcher “parallel world“, you will read this line, further - in the same vein. Having replaced only the two first words with others, you understand that it really exists, and all of us know about it long ago.

It is the state, oligarchs and some structures. Or at least take Moscow and other Russia., It seems, as Moscow is part of Russia, the megalopolis, the capital, and laws it seems are identical to all. Only all had an opinion that Moscow - nearly the state in the state or even the state separate, independent and independent for a long time.

It is clear, that I exaggerate, but agree that most of people will never be able to meet in real life neither the president, nor deputies, nor oligarchs or the famous actors. And what can be seen on the TV, so in our century of technologies maybe the virtual, mounted, sfotoshopnuty or other replacement of reality.

What occurs around us and is represented mass media as though really really happens. Having put a few efforts, it can be checked. Though a lot of things can not grow together, and what is not shown and what do not speak about, it as though does not exist. But if not to watch TV, not to enter the Internet, not to read the newspaper and not to listen to radio, then it will turn out that life slightly another if not to tell more. It is also the parallel world.

Yes what to get into some jungle! Just you go on the city anybody without facing to anybody without paying close attention, you go to yourself, up hill and down dale, you think of the and nobody can notice, not stop you, and nobody with you will even try to start talking, ask about something. As though you in this world or watch one it from parallel.

The dream somehow dreamed me that I go down in an underground passage, but I do not leave it, and I get to certain absolutely silent world where by me, the same as in the real world in a condition of wakefulness, there pass people, it is a lot of people diversely. I try to start talking to them, to ask where it I and what the world is, but nobody sees me and does not hear. Having woken up, I could not get off feeling that visited the other world or if you want, parallel.

And one more dream which many years later after saw it, emerges in my memoirs so brightly as if I saw it just. Even more it seems that did not see, namely worried. And dream such. I dream myself sleeping and I dream a dream that there was a fire. I break glass, I press the button of the emergency call of the fire help, and the car with firefighters soon appears, the center of ignition is safely liquidated. From fear and bright impressions I wake up - and my dream comes true. I do the same that dreamed me to sleeping. I had inexpressible feeling after awakening.

Or perhaps it and occurs in real life - the set of the parallel worlds adjoins with each other, and it seems to us that it and is one real world?

As you think?

Only do not consider me for the madman, I as well as you, am not inclined to trust in similar tales, it only my assumption or if so it is pleasant to you more, - my imagination.

And suddenly so it also is?