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The European Roma are deported in large quantities to Russia? The European Union looks for the radical solution of “the Gipsy question

“ a Number of the states of the European Union - Italy, France, Spain, as well as the European Union try in very radical way to solve a problem of Roma in Europe, about 12 million Gipsies became undesirable guests in some countries. Hungarians nationalists, practice riots of the Gipsy settlements in villages and “private“ deportation for a long time. About 69% of residents of France supported compulsory eviction of Roma and in Finland the law against tramps was adopted. Resettlement of Roma from the European Union to Russia can be one of possible solutions of this problem. Mass deportation of Roma is planned to discussion between Brussels and Moscow this year.

According to official figures lives in Europe from 9 to 12 million Gipsies. The vast majority of Gipsies lives in Romania - 1. 9 million (more than 10% of the population of the country), Bulgaria - 750 thousand. the person, Hungary - 600 thousand, Spain - 700 thousand, Serbia and Slovakia - on 500 thousand, in France - 310 thousand, in the Czech Republic - 275 thousand, Macedonia - 185 thousand, Greece - 175 thousand

last year in Europe burst terrible scandal, by order of Skarkozi several thousands of Gipsies were sent from France. Sent Roma to Romania and Bulgaria. Sarkaz it was accused of racism, actions of Paris were loudly scarified by Brussels and the UN, however France turned to all kritka a deaf ear. Because it is not possible to overcome migration of Roma with only one deportation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of France developed a row the law which forbid Roma to come back to France.

the International human rights organizations declare that the rights of Roma are also violated in all European Union countries - Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic and so on. For example Finland approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs the law of which forbids a beggary. Many human rights activists declare that similar laws are deliberately created against Roma. But the most drama situation develops in Hungary. where growth of chauvinism and radical nationalism led to mass deportation of Roma from many villages and villages. Despite obstacles of many human rights activists the idea of replacement of the Gipsy camps in the European Union enjoys wide popularity. On an example of 69% of residents of France openly support to the politician Nicolas Sarkozy. Similar indicators work also in other countries of Europe - Hungary, Slovakia and other countries. To deport all Roma to Bulgaria or Romania economically it is technically impossible, besides the local nationalist organizations in all throat protest against it.


Odin from versions of the solution of the “Gipsy“ problem, Europe intends to discuss shortly. Brussels intends to offer resettlement of part of the European Roma to Russia. All Gipsy families will receive money for improvement and moving from the EU, the concrete size of the sum is not specified. For example during deportation of Roma from France, Paris paid each immigrant 500 euros on condition of a voluntary consent to move home. Allegedly the sums allocated for deportation of Roma to Russia counting on one person will be much more powerful. This problem will be discussed in 2011 - 2012 in a format Russia - Europe, at the moment she is supported by France and several East European states. Germany acts categorically against.