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One powerful equipment which will allow you to be enriched at the expense of participants of group

One powerful equipment which will allow you to be enriched at the expense of participants of the One group

of the reasons, on which many trainers do not develop is limitation of thinking and “point of view“. And the becomes more titled the trainer, the more often it gets stuck in labyrinths of the knowledge and “turns bronze“. And if suddenly some participant dares to doubt his words, then the participant is waited by a severe penalty or just ignoring.

Even more dreadful communication of experienced trainers with each other in which attempts of search of new sense sometimes happen no more than girls in white dresses in cellars of the sewerage often looks)) generally experienced trainers, meeting with each other, are measured by charisma, the authority and the personal acquired experience … unfortunately.

What to do not to become such experienced narrow trainer, to remain live and open to the events around and constantly raise in a profession?

The equipment “Total YES“

an equipment Essence in adoption of the statement of the interlocutor and stay in it what it is possible to agree with, and already then tilting of what it is impossible to agree precisely with.


The participant speaks: Your equipment in life does not work!

The answer from “Total is NOT PRESENT“ usually is given in “the fool“ style. It can be rough or polite, but it does not change an essence. Trainer`s position: I here the leader, I know Truth and it is not necessary to argue with me. And if it is not pleasant that I speak, then you can bring down wherever one wishes.

The answer from “Total Yes“. Yes, it is very interesting. And in what cases it does not work, tell. And if the participant really gives a real example where this equipment does not work: Super! Thanks! Thanks to you we found an exception of the rule.

Important point: If the consent is formal, then it is all the same a kind of the first case, just the trainer tries to be polite and kind))

A why to look for sense and to try to accept and agree in the beginning (at least partially)?

Each person - the carrier of a certain knowledge and experience. Even idle time the participant of training, inexperienced in psychology, can know what is not known by you. If you perceive those whom you teach, as the persons possessing the valuable experience and thoughts not always coinciding with yours, but at the same time as carriers of what potentially valuable, you are very strongly enriched during communication with them!

How to fulfill equipment:

Equipment very multilayered and it is possible to tell about all its layers long therefore in this chapter I will stop only on one:

Every time when say to you that that, not coinciding with your position or calling in question before shooting at it from both hands, try to stop, analyse that it to you suggests and to look and whether there is no what that useful there.

Metaphor: to you move up a box with sand and speak: there is a lot of seed-pearls, but it is necessary to sift sand. You will sift?

Even if it seems to you that it is nonsense, try to accept and look in this heap of sand for a pearl in the beginning.

5 cool bonuses which will be brought to you by use Total Yes in life and in a profession

1. An opportunity to be enriched at the expense of participants of group and other trainers, getting from them new experience, information and knowledge - including that you thought that you already well know

2. An opportunity to see the mistakes and defects from outside, that is to receive a free superviziya of the work - first of all from participants of training

3. Removal from your work of the unnecessary conflicts on so-called “basic reasons“ and in general decrease of a conflictness in life and in work

4. An opportunity to quickly utilize conflict manifestations in your address, for example, a call on a bet or provocations from participants of

5 group. Continuous expansion of own horizons through the “I Know Something, but I Can Learn Even More“ position

I an important point: “Total Yes“ is not conformism and not unconditional acceptance of everything that you are told. After you found all pearls, you throw out a box with sand)) we Continue by

the movement!