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“Trainers do not break wind“ or how to be not sample under the authority of group

“Trainers do not break wind“ or how to be not sample under the authority of the There Are Templates of Serious People group

- heads, academicians, scientists, politicians etc. As a rule, it is people very clever and serious. They do everything to emphasize and support the high status. Because if they will not hold and will lose it, then as ancient Samurais, will lose face and will be forced to make a hara-kiri (to retire or from a position).

For some reason in this category from where that trainers and teachers got. And most of trainers and teachers same serious, as academicians and big heads. They sometimes look so important that it seems that they, for example, never break wind. But it is a lie. They do it, as well as all. And many things in life they do too. As all others. But for some reason on group turn from living people into statues of a name of. And much from that want to sleep.

And now we will find ways how to make so that participants did not sleep on your occupations, and listened to each your word and perceived you as dear PERSON, but not the collection of the statuses and ranks.

In last article we spoke about permission of mistakes (exercise the Mistake), now we expose templates.

What the trainer can do on trainings if wants to be not a statue of a name of, and the person?

To make jokes, to tell jokes and in every possible way to use humour in work. At the same time jokes not necessarily have to be beautiful and polite - they can be ambiguous, indecent and even obscene.

Personal experience. On each training I tell at least one joke with an offensive language what I warn in advance about. I tell usually closer to the end. People react very positively. And still I tie this joke or a joke to a training subject. It turns out and is useful and it is ridiculous.

To play with own voice - for example, sharply to raise a voice timbre, to change intonation. To develop a voice that it was possible to speak low and slowly and if necessary to add force to a voice. Especially actually for people with a high pitched and thin voice which sometimes is perceived by participants as almost ultrasound.

Personal experience. After voice trainings I can speak in different intonations, with different speeds, at the same time long say including it is loud (if it is necessary) and not to be tired. And then, when you speak by a chest voice, the pleasure appears just from what you tell!

To be weakened, sure and noticeable. To afford gestures, especially wide, to move on audience, to take a lot of place (if there is a wish). At the same time to be physically weakened. The metaphor for comparison - the master of oriental martial arts who is relaxed all the time, but can sharply gather. Participants feel your slackness and confidence even if you are silent.

Personal experience. Occupations by contact improvisation in combination with Tantric practicians helped to move on audience as on the house, taking so much place how many I will want and to feel at the same time it is weakened, quietly and surely. Flip - a chart tried to experiment and stiffen on one point near, but at once I lose energy and slackness. Therefore do not get stuck on one place!

To play with the person, to do different physiognomies and grimaces. Sometimes one raised eyebrow or a grimace shows audiences much and causes strong return reaction. The developed face muscles will add artistry to your speech and image. Grimaces and any movements by the person, especially non-standard, pozvolyayutproyavlyat the living personality (and to receive more trust and a response from group),

Personal experience. Aping the person (attached to a context) is a time a rupture of a template, a strong emotional response (the group literally neighs) and in general reminds himself, that I only conduct training (being engaged in what is pleasant), but I do not save the world and I do not make that that epic.

What to do to develop these useful skills and features?

Jokes and jokes - to find those which are pleasant to you personally and to tell before full storing. It is very useful to tell them with the gestures illustrating a joke. The boy gestures showed that his name is Juan.

A voice - to develop through voice trainings or practicians, singing, especially Russian national songs.

Slackness plus confidence. Management of the person trains through dances (especially contact improvisation or any free movement), an emotional and power swing before training

. Front gymnastics!! Plus to that to warm up a face before training - it means to raise the mozgovitost for the period of training! Personal experience of Nikolay Ivanovich Kozlov (and mine too)

Be live, but not statues. From it there are a lot of bonuses all!

We continue the movement!