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The trainer can mess up or how to take many bonuses from the mistakes?

the Trainer can mess up or how to take many bonuses from the mistakes? we said

In last chapters about why most of trainers Identical and because of it remain low-demanded

Today we will continue a subject and we will talk about mistakes

In my opinion, one of the main reasons of “similarity“ - fear to mess up, make that not, to start training not in that direction, to lose the status (the list of horrors can be continued)

Let`s visualize these horrors

• I was mistaken - the Group will cease to respect me - I will not be able to achieve put results

• I was mistaken - All this noticed - my status fell - will not be able to keep

group • I was mistaken - the Trainer should not be mistaken - will not perceive my information

Further And so on ….

A if we add complexity and we will present that the group of VIP or people are more senior than the trainer? For fear everything inside even freezes!))

Why it is not terrible to be mistaken and how to make so that your mistakes brought you bonuses instead of fears?

Here I will not tell anything revolutionary. All this is known, but very few people do.

The trainer - the living person, as well as all. He can break wind, sneeze or blow the nose, he not the Saint and not Immortal Priest of Great Knowledge even if at the same time it is a member of 40 associations, the author of 250 articles and behind shoulders of 1240 trainings

If the trainer hides behind a facade from the statuses, ranks, last experience and is afraid to show the living personality, then, on the one hand, it just also becomes vulnerable for mistakes and their consequences (the member of 40 associations cannot just be mistaken!) and with another - participants can not perceive it as PERSON

Esli the trainer is mistaken, but at the same time is a Person, the Personality, participants will forgive his mistakes, but the trust to it as to the personality will be much more. And this trust is much more reliable also dolgosrochny, than trust to the statuses, ranks and regalia.

At the beginning of the work some time sought to be correct and not to make mistakes, all the same made Mistakes, but need to hold a facade exhausted very strongly. Then one clever person (and the good trainer) gave one very wise advice: Try less! And from it it was considerably added ease and pleasure at me as at the trainer and result at participants. People began to say that thanks to the fact that I “live“, they trust more and are ready to perceive better what I tell as the leader and to apply it in life.

Equipment of a correction of mistakes which allows to take from them many bonuses:

• To notice the mistakes, it is simple to fix them, without taking out itself moral and other estimates

• To accept quietly that fact if their the first someone noticed another. This person worked on you and in some degree of

for you • To recognize the mistakes - is quiet, sure also with a smile. You it make Esli on the present surely, easier even to believe participants that all this was planned, than in the fact that you exactly were mistaken

• To express gratitude to the one who noticed it - openly and loudly. It you lift the status and show that YOU control a situation

• After training to carry out attentive analysis of mistakes, to establish roots and the reasons, to set the tasks on study

I one more ridiculous and a little children`s, but also very powerful and effective equipment of a correction of mistakes. In the absence of people can become alive around, at presence it is possible about itself, internal dialogue.

Mistake Equipment

• 1 step. To make a helpless gesture and to tell “Mistake`. Intonation is approximately such as though you told “Oops“, having dropped on a floor a cup

• The 2nd step. To stroke itself on the head and to tell “I good“. The person who did a stupid thing not the fool. The person who made a mistake, yet not the sucker.

• 3rd step. To reproduce Lenin gesture from monuments; one hand on a breast, the second is stretched forward, in bright future. And to tell at the same time “to Work!“

the Repeat TASK

to full automatism)) Try, works with

we Continue the movement!