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How to be themselves, but not someone another on training of

How to be itself, but not someone on training

In last article we said to another that because of the bad self-presentation trainers cannot qualitatively tell about themselves and the program. And in this chapter there is a wish to talk about the presentation of on the training.

We saw work of a large number of trainers and we can tell one common feature for many - They almost all identical!

What does trainers identical (or very close to it)?

• Fear to make a mistake (I have to be correct, and it is the best of all ideal)

• Following to behavior templates (The trainer - the responsible person also cannot behave somehow)

• Absence or the minimum presence of humour at the speech (The trainer has to be serious)

as a result even competently working trainer sometimes is boring to a disgrace)))

What to do and why all this to do

the answer to the second question In the beginning. Why it to change if it works?

It is possible not to change in any way in general. It is not obligatory. Many work also without it. It is possible further to continue to conduct the correct and boring clever trainings and everything will be good (or so-so). Still there is a remarkable word which I very much “like“ - “to read trainings“. It is possible to read trainings (as well as lectures) on a miscellaneous, truly?

And it is possible and to learn to do on another.

Five bonuses which the trainer can receive:

• The recognizable personal style (you will be remembered)

• Will go for your training not only because of a subject, but also because of you

• What you tell, will better reach people and they will have more results

• More personal high from maintaining

• More ease in management of

A group now: what to do?

5 simple (and for someone not really) steps how to be more interesting and as bright on

group • To recognize the right for a mistake. The mantra written on a wall helps - “The trainer can mess up“. To read to and during training

• To allow to be shown to the individual properties persons. For example, if you by nature serious, then it is possible to try to smile strainedly, and it is possible to give the gravity as a counter. Remember the humorist Altov - tells all jokes with a boring serious face, and the people lie on a floor from laughter

• To dare to be not sample (or even specially to leave a template). For example, I almost on all trainings tell obscene and (or) indecent jokes. All this occurs in the context of training, is closer to its end and meets quite positively

• Actively to apply humour. It can be a miscellaneous and depend both on the identity of the trainer, and on group. Jokes, jokes, elements of own comical behavior. Sometimes even the look that all group laughed at the top of the voice can be enough.

• To use the individual counters inherent only to you. Crown words, clothes objects, musical subjects - there can be anything. Our practice shows the main thing that it was pleasant to you

: if conducting - not just the informant or the reader or even the conductor of idea or ideology, but also the outstanding interesting personality, then it gives also to it and group very big bonuses and increases its competitiveness in the

I market one important counter finally: If you “live“ on group, but not a statue of the lecturer, then participants with very high probability forgive you your mistakes.

Think up a task

at least 10 counters as trainer. They can be both big, and very small. The main thing - that they were your

we Continue the movement!