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How to be presented before audience so that you were remembered?

How to be presented before audience so that you were remembered?

Why a lot of very good experts cannot become also demanded?

There is a lot of reasons.

In this article I will tell about one of important - quality of the presentation of and the programs before audience. Not always we work at group at once, sometimes it is necessary to represent itself and the program, to draw the attention to itself and sometimes to compete with other leaders for attention of audience.

We often participate in festivals and conferences where leaders represent the programs and the master - classes, and at the same time and ourselves.

And here, for example, very competent and professional coach represents the master - a class approximately so:

“On ours the master - a class we will try to look for certain keys to the inner self, and it is possible, we will even find something“

Ya is sure that someone will come on this master - a class and will receive weight useful to itself. But there is an assumption that if this trainer would change a form of giving and would make the performance brighter and concrete, people would come much more. If it is just about creativity without money then everything is normal. But if the trainer wants not only to create, but also to earn from it, then the presentation it is worth correcting Components of the successful presentation of the trainer and his training

1. Brevity. If your presentation is more than 2 - 3 minutes, people can begin to miss and forget about what was at the beginning. An exception if you lit them so that they are ready to listen to you for hours and hours. But it is not the presentation, but show any more - performance.

2. Concrete bonuses which will be received by participants. The main mistake at this stage is long to tell about what training and to tell nothing (or to tell a little) that participants after training and why to them will receive it. At this stage often leaders tell many beautiful words and terms about a training subject, about what there is studied also participants as a result and understand that “it very abruptly, but a nafiga it to me, I did not understand“

3. Counters, examples from life, joke, jokes. It is very important that your performance was live and human. You conduct group not for academicians or presidents (though they are living people and love humour).

4. The trainer - the person. Many leaders like to tell about the titles, ranks and awards long. But it is in most cases absolutely uninteresting to participants. They buy not a title, but information (though the title and is important for some). Instead couple of counters about itself as about the person, about the personality

Privedem two examples happens more effective. One - the classical presentation of training, the second - our version.

We will take a difficult subject - work with consciousness

So, classics

Hello. My name is Ivan Ivanov, I am doctor of science, the member of the International Association of Everything, the certified trainer, the owner of the Pulitzer Prize, the developer of a method yaderno - quantum integrated psychopedagogics. I want to invite you on my master - a class which is called “A way to itself(himself)“. On it we will be engaged in the interesting technicians directed to deepening of our understanding of some things about our consciousness. We will look for keys to the I and to open the closed doors of our consciousness. In general the consciousness is the very confused piece. Still Hegel spoke about him … … …. there passed three minutes … …. generally, you come, we will look for.


our version.

Hello! My name is Ivan Ivanov and I work 10 years with human consciousness and sensibleness. You know that many people actually sleep and almost never wake up? Live in templates, dogmas and stereotypes - as a big lion in a small section. But in a morgue to us still early, there is a chance to get to reanimation and to wake up. Therefore on my training we will practically work with consciousness - to learn to wake up, escape from a stream of daily affairs. To remember that life is that that bigger. If you take in the life of equipment from this training, then your life will be able to become more free and more joyful, and you - happier. You will precisely sleep after training, but only in a dream, but not in reality. To a meeting on training!

Curtain. Applause.

Simple, but very powerful practical equipment which will help you to make the presentation bright and clinging, without losing meaning

Write everything that you would like to tell on the presentation and tell it to the child of years 8 - 10 (to the ordinary child, it is not necessary to look for indigo children or child prodigies)

If the child looks at you big round eyes and no fig will understand, then it is an occasion to make the second version - and so on, to full understanding.

We continue the movement!