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How not to be tired on trainings and to yield a maximum of results to participants of

How not to be tired on trainings and to yield a maximum of results to participants

there are two absolutely different models of maintaining group, one of which very often leads to low results of training (for participants) and to emotional burning out (for the trainer). These models of maintaining begin at the trainer in the head and reflect his outlook, his view of process of work with group. Compare

. There is the first model:

the Trainer is a lot of and actively speaks, gives fascinating examples, interestingly tells and shows. Swings hands, says many clever and important words, being afraid that a subject it will be incomplete it is opened and participants can not grasp it “the magic knowledge changing the world“. When at last he remembers that it would be quite good to give some practice, already there comes break time. And when it all - gives exercise, even then it cannot depart from group. He goes and listens, prompts and looms behind the back. All the time it seems to it that participants not so carry out exercise and he worries about the fact that they will not apprehend it “magic knowledge“. And when on a reflection it becomes clear that the participant did not grasp the Great Truth Said by the Master`s Lips at the trainer at all the left eye begins to twitch … For certain you it saw

. And second model: the Trainer gives to

input in a subject, illustrates striking available examples and at once gives exercise. During exercise he can sit aside or in general to leave the hall (watching time). For it there are no wrong conclusions from exercise but only the experience got by participants. If he accurately gave the instruction and was convinced that participants understood it, after that abnormalities come to an end - personal work of participants begins. When exercise ended, there is following minimum necessary theory - and again exercise. And again practice.

Results of two models for participants

In the first model (“guru“) participants like awe of wisdom of the trainer and write down much not to miss words which were pronounced by the guru. There is no time to think, naturally, in such model - the guru speaks, it is necessary to write down.

In the second model (actually, “trainer“) on the contrary: to write down, pancake, nothing, and it is necessary to think the head. Coming to the conclusions. And even if there is an irritation that the trainer did not tell AS it is CORRECT, is only an occasion to think even more most, to work most, to get own experience.

A why leading to be “guru`?

In this state is a lot of bonuses:

• An opportunity to zvezdit and be the focus of attention, breaking an applause and delighted looks

• An opportunity to feel safe (because so far I “philosophize`, little on training can go not so, unlike practical exercises)

• Feeling “I good, I help people“

All this nonsense, in my opinion.

works At good training group, but not the trainer.

Everything that participants will take from training, will be their personal experience, and everything that will not take - will not be. Even if the trainer under pressure will push into them more, than it is necessary to them, superfluous all the same will leave back. From where - do not ask. The real guru does not zvezdit and does not flaunt before public. He just is present and answers questions. If there are no questions or nobody pays attention to it, to it is good and quiet.

If suddenly do not pay attention to “pseudo-guru“, he begins to be nervous and draw attention to himself, to it it is bad and uncomfortable.

Two most important bonuses for the trainer you will not be tired not to be “gurus“

•. The more participants work, the it is more at you than an opportunity to have a rest. To think what you will do farther, to drink a cup of coffee, to inhale air and to feel that you do favorite thing, but you do not stick as damned. And after training you will not spread home to sleep off, and with pleasure will walk on the evening city, will drink coffee or what that another in cafe. you will communicate to friends or darling. So you never burn down!

• And participants will receive the most valuable that it is possible to take from training - personal experience, personal experience - what they will not be able to forget unlike schemes on a flipcharta and clever theories of the trainer. And your training really will help people

We with Dmitry Bogdanov provided recently two-day training at which the principle “On training works group, but not the trainer“ was exploited on full. For 5 minutes of “talking shop“ of the leader - 20 - 30 minutes of work of participants. As the result - is a lot of personal experience and personal results at participants, and an excellent state at trainers: neither fatigue, nor “vyzhatost“, nor need to have a rest as it sometimes happens after two-day intensiv.

The group, but not the trainer works at good training.

Use this principle - it really works! we Continue by

the movement!