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Two very effective models of conducting trainings

Two very effective models of conducting trainings

Further we will consider two more models of maintaining which lie not at the edges as the Trainer and the Master, and in the middle.

Model of the Tutor is completely reflected in its name. The tutor trains with the participant a certain skill - for example, ability to address audience.

Unlike the Trainer, it gives more freedom of expression to the participant though still the participant is much below than the trainer. But the trainer any more not the Universe, he knows where it is necessary to go, but can explain why there to go and why there it will be good.

Very widespread model on business - programs and everything, as for development of skills - from dances to mathematics. On a conditional scale of responsibility the Tutor is 70% of responsibility for result.

the Teacher is even less responsibility for result (about 40%) and even more respect for the personality. This is the person who learns equal to him on development of people. He knows where he conducts them, but acts as the Conductor rather, than the escort.

this model differs From the Master`s model first of all in existence of a certain aim towards which there is a movement. The most widespread model of conducting trainings of personal growth.

Why I devote one more article once again to models of trainer`s maintaining?

the Similar moments often are not considered on trainings of trainers at all and even do not come for understanding at many leaders, especially at the beginning of a way. The earlier the leader will choose by

maintaining model, optimum for the personality (though on different trainings different models can be used, one all the same remains basic), the longer he will work in a profession, will not burn out and is not deformed professionally.

B than bonuses to undertake more responsibility and to move to the Trainer`s model?

• Is more than opportunity to zvezdit personally on

group • Big pumping of a self-assessment and recognition

• More opportunity for wow - effect after training

• Very resource feeling of the wizard, on wave of a stick changing people

Bonuses from capture less stress load on the leader

• More responsibility on participants and if they really work at training and after - several times more results

A for them concerning feeling there is less responsibility for group (is closer to the Master`s model)

• … Present yourself the conductor conducting people on a glade of fulfillment of desires. And here you bring them there and all their personal desires begin to come true. There is a hypothesis that how you look at their faces and you see your feeling that happens to them, will be very much - very resource.

I it is not necessary to wave a magic wand.

begin Many with the Trainer, especially because are afraid of mistakes and surely want “to cause more than a dobra“. Over time at many it passes, mistakes happen, missionary work in work becomes less, and it is more Teaching.

the Conscious choice of the personal model of maintaining, the personal percent of responsibility for result and for participants will give you the chance to conduct long and really

we Continue to help people the movement!