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Two very abrupt models of conducting trainings

Two very abrupt models of conducting trainings

We will consider 4 main models of maintaining group.

We distinguish them on degree of responsibility for result of participants (flashback in the subject Trainer as the Personality) and on extent of presence of the trainer at group and style of its maintaining.

In this article we will talk about two opposite models -

Dressirovshchik and the Master

Dressirovshchik is a trainer who rigidly trains the participant on result which is known by the trainer. It can be as business - the trainer on corporate programs, and the host of open programs.

Signs of the Trainer of

model • The trainer is the Universe. She precisely knows everything as it is necessary to

• The participant is the object which does not have yet the right to vote, but which has a chance to an enlightenment

• The leader accurately knows result to which will lead participants and to them it will be precisely good

• Influence methods there - from rigid provocations before soft trance suggestions and manipulations

• Any counteraction to the Trainer is regarded as revolt with the corresponding effects

• All achievements of participants are achievements of the Trainer first of all, all failures - results of the wrong implementation of instructions by them the leader

• Dressirovshchik can work at group absolutely on a miscellaneous - from the armor Robocop to the wise and understanding wizard Gandalf. One remains the main thing here:

The trainer knows a true way and all truth.

Where it is applicable and on the this model is effective:

• on corporate business - trainings, especially with unmotivated group

• on initially rigid trainings as Est, Transformation etc.

• on difficult navykovy programs where development of skill goes through the powerful resistance of group

Side effects from model:

• The increased danger of burning out and deformation of the leader from big loadings and responsibility

• The Universe cannot mess up - if the Trainer was mistaken and did not manage to win back a mistake, him can trample (on this subject there is a remarkable movie School of villains)

• At participants the motivation for work does not appear. They wish the fact that they say to them, just because to them it is told by the Trainer

• Results of participants in life after training can be quite different - from stupid implementation of instructions on the “Force the Fool to Pray to God, He Will Hurt the Forehead“ model before replacement of results of training through some time and its transformations just into bright reminiscence (see. the head “Trainings do not work???“)

Thus, Dressirovshchik`s model is a 100% responsibility for result.

And as contrast - the Master`s model. A striking example of model - the dzensky master.

Its differences and feature:

• The master just is present at space and nothing tries to inform participants

• He answers questions, but only on what the participant will not be able to answer

• Questions from the “And as to Me to Make This“ or “And as I Should Live“ series are ignored by

• He does not undertake any responsibility for result of the participant.

• The participant for him is same Subyekt as well as he, full-fledged equal

the Personality

the Master`s Model, in my opinion, is applicable in deep trainings of personal growth and is suitable for work with the prepared group of rather high level of development and sensibleness. If participants only take the first steps, the model can be for them shock.

A side effect in fact one - the frustration and aggression of participants when the Leader does not give them tablets from Everything and does not explain how to live, transferring them responsibility. Wow - the effect right after training on such programs can be very low that should be considered at their advance.

The master is 0% of responsibility

I the most interesting that in these two, such different models of maintaining the Trainer can be bright and charismatic. Bright and charismatic Dressirovshchik will attract to himself more participants who will be ready to obey his ox for the right to stay near such cool person. The bright Master attracts as the Personality and as model for imitation.

Thus, brightness and charisma are a powerful tool which at the built outlook can be realized in different models.

We continue the Movement!