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The psychologist everywhere and always or how professionally to be deformed quickly and effectively

the Psychologist everywhere and always or how professionally to be deformed quickly and effectively

of the Word “I am a psychologist“ at communication with the people who are not often visiting trainings or not visiting them in general often have magic value. more true, even two magic values. The part of people is frightened the fact that they will be “classified“ now and run from communication process. But the considerable part, on the contrary, quickens and takes the first step. Frequent phrases of this category of the population “Time you are a psychologist, tell about me that I for the person“, “And here at me am a problem one“ and so on. Often at the same time people do such faces and express such emotions that there is a strong wish to help. And the part of colleagues cannot resist a temptation. And fast process of professional deformation can begin with it.

5 steps how professionally to be deformed and emotionally to burn down quickly and effectively:

1. To think of work it is constant, in any free time

2. To seek to help all people for whom as it seems to you, the help is simply necessary - even in the absence of inquiry

3 at them. In usual communication with ordinary people to use many professional slangy words and the terms

4. To rejoice when met one more potential recipient of the help and to be upset (or to be irritated) when the recipient refuses the help or conducts not as you counted

5. To repeat this every day, to a full ischezaniye of interest in a profession

pass Through danger of deformation, I will risk to assume, all our colleagues. Some cope, some are not present. The author of this article also did not pass this temptation (that you did not think that we pretend to be Saints). But a question not in whether you took several steps towards reformation, and in how you quickly stopped.

From where thirst undertakes “to treat and help all“?

The reasons can be much. Very often it is unsatisfied need for recognition and gratitude or desire to tell themselves “I good, I helped the person“ (what, however, is also connected with recognition)

A with what danger?

When you become a psychologist everywhere and always, it kills a self-reflection over time and creates illusion of “omnipotence“ and on it your professional development stops. And work without inquiry in most cases just will not help the person - it or will force out all told from the consciousness, or will tire out a problem even more deeply and further moreover and can answer with aggression if the psychologist really reaches a problem root. And the most important when becomes psychology in your life too much, it can just bother - as bothers practically everything, consumed long and in very large numbers

What to do?

One of the most remarkable examples of anti-deformation at me it is frequent before eyes - it is my colleague - the psychotherapist. Very attentive and professional in work, outside an office very few people can assume in general that this person the psychologist. He tells tall tales and jokes, does not speak about psychology in general and just LIVES - as the most ordinary person. It accurately divides a profession and life. I think that danger to be deformed at it it is insignificant is small.

What did to yasa when caught itself on attempt “to cure“? Sharply switched a topic of conversation to what that very simple and simple. If the person tried to continue a subject, then I tactfully left a subject all the same under the pretext of some fatigue from work and desire just to talk on abstract subjects. It, as a rule, helped.

Once on appointment to the girl I caught myself that I am engaged in her personal growth, and she sits and listens to my wise thoughts. “I am not a trainer, I am a man“ - I told myself and her, and appointment took place perfectly ©

Psychology - great science and it can help a huge number of people. But if to use it every minute the life, then life can become dim and monotonous, filled only with advisory and training sessions.

Someone from skilled leaders for certain can tell, having read this text: it is not actual for me, it for beginners. I thought also until I several times became the witness of how groups of psychologists (trainers or therapists) without everyone on that inquiry “treated“ the colleagues - consistently and ruthlessly))

A other my acquaintance, the young psychologist, even in personal contact poured terms, remembered classics (when it quoted Platon, I was impressed). When I tried to bring her out of psychology limits, it appeared very much - very difficult occupation.

The psychology is only a part of the life though very important. But not all life. Let`s live, colleagues!

We continue the Movement!