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Trainer`s Sincerity - or Each Trainer Imeet Pravo Oblazhatsya of

Trainer`s Sincerity - or Each Trainer Imeet Pravo Oblazhatsya

On trainings teach technologies, technicians of communication and manipulations, suggestions and ways of utilization of difficult participants and many other undoubtedly useful things (about which we will speak still. But quality about which we speak today cannot learn - at least by the same methods which teach technicians and technologies.

But it and not magic gift which is given since the birth. What it consists of, in my opinion:

1. Ability to a self-reflection, understanding of the thoughts, feelings, the feelings arising “here and now“

2. Recognition of personal uniqueness and identity of participants

3. Absence of fear of group, readiness to be sincere with participants

4. Recognition of the imperfection, permission to myself the rights for a mistake

I Will decipher points slightly in more detail than


Vs trainers and leaders anyway reflex after and during trainings, but most often this reflection is directed to methodical part (“as it is better to construct the following block“ or “as I messed up with the instruction on this exercise“) or to participants. And, unfortunately, not always trainers ask themselves questions, for example, “and what I so am angry with that participant“ or “why to me so uncomfortablly last 15 minutes“. Namely the possibility of such reflection helps to feel also participants, without being fenced off from all by a wall from knowledge and logical thoughts.

Often met uniqueness

leading, including very known, authors of books and articles which plan and are conducted by trainings as games of chess (here they will get up, here we to them will insert this suggestion, and here they at us will want this). In this scheme the participant is only a figure on a board, but not the person with his desires, feelings, emotions and inquiries, object, but not the subject. In combination with lack of a deep self-reflection (that often goes in a set) the personality, quite dangerous to participants, turns out.


Trainers sometimes are afraid to take out the emotions on group, to be open, live. The aspiration to be correct and infallible often outweighs and then the trainer turns into such king on a throne to which faithful citizens worship. The model of maintaining is quite curious (in more detail about trainer`s models in the following heads), but possesses a large number of minuses, main of which - danger to turn in a colossus on clay legs or into the naked king from the fairy tale.

Pravo on a mistake

I will provide only one phrase Here, but capital letters


Colleagues, it is not as terrible as you think. It is possible to be mistaken, all of us are living people.

The main advantage of Trainer`s Sincerity - the trust of participants based not on your personal brand, popularity or cost of training, and on your personality as person. And being sincere with people himself, it is possible to expect safely from them same in reply.

Remember a task

(from real or expected) and write down 5 most terrible mistakes of the trainer on training:






And now where - nibud in a visible place slowly it is also experienced write down: Liouba Trener (and I too!) has the right to mess up! It is a mantra for continuous reading to, after and during training.

Important addition!

Sincerity and the right for a mistake do not mean the right for hack-work.

• If you were too lazy to think over your training

• If came in improper mood and could not be reconstructed for work

• If allowed the emotions to be thrown on participants

is not sincerity. It is nonprofessionalism.

You can come to training with the sore head, besides that early in the morning at you the favourite hamster died, and on the road poured over you water from legs to the head. But as soon as you cross a threshold of the training hall, you, except the person, both the Professional and your main task - to make for the sake of what you came there.

It is difficult to formalize degree of internal responsibility accurate words. It, as a rule, is defined by internal feelings, intuition.

We continue the Movement!

Alexander Yargo Davydov