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Sindr Bozhestvennosti or how not to become the Psychologist No. 1

Sindr Bozhestvennosti or how not to become the Psychologist No. 1

the Word “psychologist“ is what that very magic and close to divine presently.

In understanding of many people “psychologist“ is a person who sees through human problems, can resolve any complexity of minutes for 15, at most for 30, kind, understanding and everything knows. And still he faultless and almost ideal. Generally, the image of the Lord appears. While only participants of trainings trust in it, everything is solvable. But when the trainer (the teacher, the consultant, the therapist) begins to trust in it, situation becomes critical.

In what the image of God at the psychologist can be shown:

• I have to help all who to me come. If I did not help, I am not an expert

• I cannot have personal manifestations to participants, I am a professional

• I have to be very different and be able all … or almost everything in a profession

• I have to be faultless, I can only relax at home, out of work

• And so on

of Danger of such approach to itself and a profession

• Can turn into the missionary - the fanatic who chases

irresponsible people and causes to them good for the sake of their benefit

• It is possible to zabronzovet and become a statue of a name of of

• Is possible to break off on couple of clients and to solve what time I is not omnipotent, nothing me to do in a profession and to leave

• Is possible to forbid itself almost all personal manifestations and to turn into a frustrated box with knowledge on thin legs

• The list of horror stories is possible to continue by

A is possible as that on another? It is possible!

• It is possible to look really at himself and at the opportunities, without representing from itself the Great wizard Gandalf

• It is possible to recognize that something you are not able and, perhaps, never you will be able also what it is not terrible and it is possible to live and work with it as

• People can recognize the right not to implement your recommendations and to do with them the fact that they will want

• It is possible to be itself in usual life and in professional work, without dividing these two parts

What it will give you?

• You do not burn down emotionally and are not deformed professionally

• You will be able qualitatively to help those to whom you will be able and will not spend force for those to whom you will not be able to help

• You will be able quicker to grow and develop in professions - in those directions which are your strengths

of 5 practical recommendations how to remove from themselves a nimbus and to become live

1. Write out the complete list of qualities which

good trainer has to have, the psychologist (and at you, of course). Then

keep at most a half of qualities and skills

in this list and try to present as it is possible to work with it in

profession and to be successful, qualitative and demanded.

And then clean a half more and repeat procedure with

the remained qualities

Personal experience. I can be logical and intellectual, and I can be intuitive and spontaneous. The second - my, the first - developed by skills.

I can be friendly and not really friendly on training. The second - more my, the first - more socially fulfilled.

Thus if I intuitive, spontaneous and not really friendly, then am my main image which is based on my properties persons and in it I can be very organic and do many effective and useful things - for example, to distribute “magic pendel“. And here “kind mother“ to me to be more difficult, and perhaps and there is no need. As a last resort, I can take “mother“ - the co-host

2. Write on a wall, the monitor, the refrigerator or in a toilet

the big poster with two inscriptions: Any trainer has

the right to mess up! Any participant has the right to fuck up

any process on training! And every time when you want to popinat

yourself for a mistake or to kick the participant who, in

your opinion, does not do everything ideally look at a leaf.

Personal experience. As soon as I began to try less on training, it became easier and more pleasant than a message, and results at participants became much more considerably and were more adequately built in their usual life

3. Make the list of your strong qualities and those subjects and

of the directions according to which you really can strongly and

effectively to work. Also work first of all on them.

Do not try to be at the same time everywhere!

Personal experience. I am interested in very different directions - from oratorical skill to an extreme - programs, from personal growth to muzhsko - the female relations. But my main subject - the Personal Liberty (the desires and the purposes, the choice of the way, search of the mission, finding of the Favourite Business) and it I devote the main time and forces.

4. Be yourself on trainings. In more detail about it is in article “How to be themselves, but not someone another on training’

5. And if after all the nimbus at you appeared, despite all precautions, then very simple equipment: To communicate to children. Especially small. They will very quickly remove from you a nimbus and you will become live again!!

When I begin to feel a nimbus over the head, I begin to pull faces to myself and to wriggle - best of all looking in a mirror. Remarkably removes “óěí˙ę“ and helps to feel Live

we Continue the Movement!