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What qualities the good trainer (the teacher, the leader) has to possess?

What qualities the good trainer (the teacher, the leader) has to possess?

I offer three main qualities characterizing the trainer as the personality:

1. Love and respect for people. Perhaps, for someone will sound fondly, but if the trainer (teacher) does not love people or they are indifferent for him, he does not feel them and will not respect as persons. At most, what he will be able to make in this case for them is to train skill - as the trainer with monkeys

2. Readiness to study and develop constantly In technological professions information becomes outdated time in 5 years and it is necessary to update knowledge. In psychology and a trenerstvo without continuous development the trainer becomes outdated itself, stopping in the development, and then beginning to degrade. Any trainer, even provided 1000 trainings, without growth dies as the professional and as a result burns out.

3. Ability to a self-reflection and personal development.

Unfortunately, only at therapists the superviziya and therapy for therapists is built in system of work. It occurs at trainers and teachers infrequently. The trainer - the living person. He can be angry, irritated, take offense etc. but if at the same time he realizes the reason of the manifestations, understands who the addressee of this emotion - that can operate it, without daring to break on the participant, but at the same time without pushing it is deep in itself. Keywords of this block of concepts - sensibleness and responsibility.

These qualities seem obvious and natural to all trainers and teachers, but unfortunately, the reality shows back.

Every year works in a profession of the trainer and teacher acquire experience and knowledge, but at the same time many of them stagnate or degrade as Persons

What can be made with it?

1. Continuous self-development. On occupations of the Masterful Trainer we are constantly convinced of Moscow that just participation in others training - as the participant very well helps. Visit of trainings not in that area in which you generally work is often very useful. It opens the new horizons and allows to remember that there are still some other directions, except yours.

2. Visit of therapeutic groups, individual work with the consultant, a constant superviziya of the work allows not to turn into a statue, and to remain the Living feeling person.

In the course of writing of this article brisk discussion on the subject

“Ran high as it is possible to develop in itself love?“

of the Leg grow from outlook of the trainer, from his attitude towards people here - as to subjects (equal on level, just which should be helped with some sphere) or to objects (to undeveloped creations which it is necessary to bring a firm hand fortunately).

To broadcast the relations the subject - the subject and to work in this model, a certain outlook which is quite real for developing is necessary.

And here with love the question is more difficult. Often met at others and noticed on himself that unavailability to enter emotional contact with participants, to open in some sense and to show emotions it is connected with the personal moments and restrictions, that is it is quite studied through therapy and a superviziya of work.

So everything is real to work, even it, apparently, difficult studied quality.

We continue the Movement!

Alexander Yargo Davydov