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Why trainings do not work - revelation of the acting trainer of

Why trainings do not work - revelation of the acting trainer

Unfortunately, it so. The main results of the majority of trainings are reduced to two things: so-called wow - effect (it was very cool, it was pleasant to me, group remarkable, we will communicate, fine!) and information (much interesting learned also new, structured information, I will apply).

In the first case there pass few weeks, wow - the effect disappears, the participant of training leads usual life - same as well as before training, the routine is stronger and through some time about training it is told approximately the same as about an interesting trip to Egypt last summer. the participant at best will glance

In the second case in the abstract or a razdatka of training, will remember as it was interesting and will postpone until that time when there is time. As a rule, this time never comes.

In the first year of work in a profession comprehended me a huge number of disappointments because of the fact that participants or did not accept that they are given, or accepted, but line with it did not do! In the beginning I worried concerning it much, and then understood the reason and it became easier to work at once.

B than reasons of such low results of our work?

the Main reason, in my opinion, in what is called Sohn Komfort.

of People before training lived, as a rule, many years - from 18 to 30 - 40 and more. All these years he as coped without insayt received on training what got used to, created in himself system of concepts, and around himself - a comfort zone - a zone in which to it it is good even if he the moments complains and cries.

Such clearing with cornflowers on which there lives a gnome - a lesovichok.

On training showed it and told that its clearing which he considered quite good and rather big, actually tiny and ordinary-looking and around and there much it waits for the huge world. Even if he wants to go and look there that there interesting, the fear is often stronger. In big others world waits for much more setups, than on a small clearing. And it is simpler to remain here, and in the long winter evenings to dream of how sometime it will go to travel out of its limits, to the big beautiful world.

C same is connected also the second reason - the Environment If the person decided to change outlook, views and in general lifestyle after training, then an environment is often not ready to it. Also begins to throw a monkey-wrench into the works. And at times it is enough to resemble week painfully familiar work, to smoke in a smoking-room, to drink with colleagues several liters of tea and this life becomes real, and that that on training, twitches a foggy haze and does not seem real soon any more.

as a result of people simply comes back to an old way of life even if with little changes. So happens not always, not to all participants and not on all trainings.

As to make so that trainings really yielded to people result? Everything is simple

. Most of trainers thinks that participants can be changed simple demonstration of new skills, abilities or personal models, theoretical information and several exercises to a subject. But even the coolest theory and correctly built exercises will not force the participant that to change that in itself and the life. And if force, then as a rule, it for a while. the Hedgehog a bird proud - yet you will not kick

, will not depart. It is right. But sooner or later flight will end and as during flight the hedgehog did not manage to grow wings and to turn into a bird, the effect is gained short-term. Wow - the effect passes. The person is restored to usual life, occasionally remembering how it was good on training

What to do?

I turns out a contradiction here. To sell many trainings, it is necessary wow - effect - that people came and told others as there it is cool. Then it is economic for the center and trainers. here that participants had

A results, they have to work already. And the trainer`s task - only to help to be shown to their desire of changes, their motivations that hedgehogs grew wings and departed further. It is quite real and achievable, but in this model the trainer - not the guru bearing truth and not the leader - a star, and rather imperceptible assistant, a fasilitator which can stay behind scenes and helps people to let grow the wings. And responsibility lies on participants here. But not on the leader. The leader only creates space for changes, but no more than that. But such expressed wow - the effect here, most likely will not be.

Reason simple. Many people come to trainings, in words declaring desire of changes, but actually resisting them hands and legs. I already wrote about the reason - the COMFORT ZONE. Several percent of participants are really ready to change personally and if to be guided only by them, over and over again it is difficult to collect big trainings.

Different trainers solve this problem on a miscellaneous. Someone does of show trainings, someone works with small groups and does not apply for the big income.

We solve it so.

the Priority is real changes at people by their inquiries, their personal growth and development, transfer of responsibility for changes and their possible consequences to them. And generally, attractions of participants the identity of the trainer, but not the status of “guru“, but that important quality about which I will tell further much -

sincerity of the trainer is further.

sincerity and openness is not enough Presently, it as water in the desert - only in oases. If the leader is sincere also with participants not only the trainer, but also the person, then they will go to him and to bring the friends and acquaintances.

of Trainers is a lot of, it is not enough persons. But to reveal in itself the personality absolutely really. The main thing - to begin, to take the first step

By the way, about “guru“ of br “ of Gurit“ in trainings it is possible too, and sometimes it happens very effectively and it is useful for participants. Just periodically it is worth checking whether there was no your head already in heaven, and huge wings did not close the sun.

Should remembering that you work for them, you not the pastor conducting sheep on a watering place, and just the person who helps other people to open what opened slightly earlier.

I then you will not become the great guru, and you will remain Live.

We continue the Movement!