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Why before elections at all “the roof goes“ and why it irritates all?

If to read the press, then interesting information can receive so much. For example, that our space hero Yury Gagarin did not fly to space. That it is a propaganda trick of communists led by Khrushchev. That the power suddenly attended to support of the industry and development of the regions (subjects of the Russian Federation), having promised that it will leave these taxes which always so zealously collected in regions. (And to the - that to “the state in the state“ on what to live?) That GDP is our national hero, future President who rallied all advanced forces of our society, having attached them to Edrossam, having called them ONF which he within 10 years will lead, having created for them general prosperity. That Medvedev has no distinct political program. That it has no strong-willed qualities to carry out necessary transformations in Russia. That it cannot dismiss even Fursenko who does not hold authority with the pedagogical brotherhood as on average, and in the top management of various education. And not just “sleeps“, literally this word, receiving remarks from the president, and kills with the reforms on a root this education. Therefore, in the light of the latest events, statements of the power, at many it is simple “the roof goes“.

Why is many irritates?

1. Political scientists.

After resignation of - on Pavlovsky began to give somehow more carefully the estimates to “tandem“ Putin - Medvedev.

Is clear that at each of them the election program. Putin already created ONF and it needs support of regions right now. Medvedev has one verbalizations so far to Skolkovo and promises to offer something to society. Besides, it has an opportunity without fight to bask in “spotlight“ of the program of Putin and after March, 2012 quietly to teach to Skolkovo, earning from achievements in development already of “the“ fund. Putin of it will not forget.

Mironov`s resignation showed everything that game already began. Everything is already counted. In vain consider g - N Zhirinovsky and g - N Zyuganov that g - N Mironov in policy already “the beaten card“. It is so much years to head Federation Council, expanding the influence and communications, the necessary minute on elections with all the “Just Russia“ to give vote for the president, - it, most likely, costs something. Mister Putin cannot forget, I think, such service. And when regions not everything so quickly support Putin ONF, Mironov as it seems to me, is simply necessary to influence political forces of Territorial subjects of the Russian Federation. And the most important, it is necessary to the present power.

And desire of - on Prokhorov to enter policy which considers it “right cause“? All this

supplements an apportion of political forces of future pre-election race, both in the State Duma, and in Presidents.

Everything that becomes and told on a political Olympus, just does not give in to the forecast. Time flies, and the situation simulated by political strategists leaves from - under control. And it is many irritates.

2. Economists.

Many today`s ministers - economists puzzle over that, as if “to improve life to the people“ within the existing board, at the same time without changing anything that could influence their enrichment directly or indirectly. And here whole package of “economic tips“ of the Putin program of ONF:

- allocation in the fall of this year of 20 billion on reforming of housing and communal services;

- distribution of taxes in favor of Municipalities;

(It how many percent will allow to leave in regions? One, two, three? And in each region the lured “top“. And where this money will settle? In whose pockets?) ;

- decrease in assignments of the enterprises in out of the budgetary funds (RPF, Federal Compulsory Health Insurance Fund, the Social insurance);

- increase of salaries to teachers and military;

- providing military with housing etc. All this

is healthy. But, there are questions.

And from what to pay pensions? To raise salaries to state employees? And the Government does not raise a question of change of the existing system of the taxation, of introduction of the progressing taxation scale to fill the budget, about creation of the developed economy public sector, the termination of squandering of our natural riches. That is change of the existing course. Say to us that we are fine. We go the correct course. That there are certain achievements (the number of millionaires and billionaires became more - their course correct means). It is necessary and to put further everything in private hands.

Mister minister Kudrin (according to forecasts - future Prime minister if Putin becomes a President) speaks about need of increase of a retirement age, and mister - the capitalist Prokhorov with the Chairman of RUIE mister Shokhin speak about need of modification of the Labour code to increase duration of labor week till 60 o`clock. Behind it, probably, mister Prokhorov is also torn in the State Duma.

The impression is made that the power precisely knows what to do in this situation. Ten years of such “stability“ of mister Putin and we will cease to exist as the nation. After Duma elections and the President we will receive all this at full scale. Only to plow pleasures at 2 - 3 works to survive, it does not cause.

And again there will be the same slave dependence of regions on the Federal center: “Who will raise pads, that will receive “grandmas“.

Economists do not know what model of economy should be created that there was an acceptable annual gain of GDP and that at the same time the standard of living of the main population of the country became higher. But they cannot create because at the solution of this task they are put, besides, in a framework of the existing political system and the Presidential government which developed in our state which has to provide the maximum enrichment of an upper bourgeoisie. And it irritates!

3. That the “simple“ people think.

“presidential race“ and fight for places in the State Duma began. The power opened the Popular front for rescue of “party of thieves“ and the Government which brought during rule most of the people to such terrifying beggarly state. “People! Support us! And we will tell lies to you about “three boxes“ now, we will promise everything that is only possible, and then “we will throw“ all of you, as always! You only choose us! And we …, we will try …!“.

“We rescued a banking system!“ Thanks, mister Putin! And how many you could rescue the enterprises in regions if you gave target essential financial support not to banks, namely these enterprises? And how many it would be kept workplaces? And how many we would let out the production and it should not buy it for dollars behind a hillock, supporting “foreign“ economy? And how many would save the oil which is on sale, and money is plundered by a ruling clique? Also there would be no this May “petrol crisis“. Probably it would be correct and honest to retire all office. Not to wait until all country rises and will throw out you on an ash heap of history.

You do not want to tell that you, mister Putin, the beggar (if to trust your declaration in tax on your income for 2010)? And your pocket Government? The president Medvedev declared, answering questions of journalists, to Skolkovo that the Government works well-coordinated, one team. There is a question. And in what direction they very much so work well-coordinated? Our toilers!

Why the bulk of the population lives in poverty?

And can misters ministers badly work? No, they work remarkably, they can envy. Pull! Not on the state and the people, and on! If to look at their declarations in tax for 2010, then it is possible to see that their wives, for some reason, earned more than the husbands. Ah yes, they so receive a little! They are compelled, well are simply compelled, we will tell softly, somehow to provide itself. And all of them, well everything is simple, against corruption together with the Prime minister and the President. And they have nothing. All gas and oil, diamonds leave abroad, without speaking about “green cabbage“. And they are such poor and beggars, as well as most of the population.

Only from where they have a real estate abroad? Mansions, dachas, cars and other assets?

We will be enough to hold for idiots!

Also it is necessary, again remembered the simple people before elections. The people were required! To support …! At once suddenly the power attended that the people live in poverty. Support ONF now, and then we will make that you lived well! It is not excluded that after death! Or, approximately, such slogan: “All on fight against your poverty! If you are a patriot, support “ours“ …? Vote for ER and ONF!“

A that you did not think of anything, we once again “propesochy“ your brains entertainment programs of many channels of our radio and television, and also will improve system of the state tips.

And in conclusion … The richest country and most of the poor people. Paradox. Also there is nothing to tell and think out, make some promises here and to bullshit people. There is no fool left in the country any more. It is clear to all whose interests are represented by the present power. Nothing changes for the better what authorities told.

It is time to call the things by the names. It is already time to demand from the power of providing normal life in the country. And if it cannot or does not want to provide normal socially - economic living conditions to most of the population, the power has to leave.

I is unimportant who was there - communists, liberals, capitalists, socialists. Any system has to provide normal existence of the citizens. Otherwise, on a dump... And that small group which is enriched at the expense of the people, trampling on universal values as history shows, falls into oblivion sooner or later.

And this power violating the rights of the simple person for normal existence, propagandizing double morals most of people of our state irritates for a long time!