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Hey, chief!

All our troubles from incompetence!

Yes, yes! From incompetence! And if insufficient knowledge in the sphere of the professional activity at ordinary structure of the majority of the enterprises still somehow can be compensated by knowledge and skills of old workers, then lack of such qualities at a key element will inevitably lead to full breakdown of any economic unit.

For example, once in one small shipping company the new chief appeared. Where dug this miracle, still remains a riddle. Only since then on silent galoshes the events which were a little promoting maintenance of stable measured ship life began. And not that the uncle was not pleasant to all crews at once. Just from its very first steps on management of fleet, the nonsense based on ambitions which rushed from it a never-ending stream, fully revealed lack of talent of this head. At once it became clear to all that all are waited shortly by global changes.

On wanton speeches of a nu - the naval commander could be assumed that the little man, once, was the party or Komsomol functionary who called a name of party and government not one hundred simple river transport workers on labor feats on conquest of new labor tops. At the same time itself for certain continued “to suffer“ in an easy room chair heavier than the genitals of nothing for all life lifted. Or rather, WOULD not lift if in the country there was no next revolution in the course of which the delicious state feeding trough smoothly removed from one servants of the people to others. New servants of the people a little in what differed from old. Global distinction was only at age and appetite.

By the way, it played not the last role in preparation of qualified personnel in all branches. Occupied with sharing of the former national property of pro-boundaries of the bottomless pockets, misters who replaced companions at a wheel of the power missed the matter in all directions! To replace leaving on age and other reasons for experts of worthy change long time did not prepare.

This circumstance was right there reflected that the formed vacuum began to be filled with casual people. That is, after the last metamorphosis with our distressful state ex-- Komsomol bosses and to them needed to do nothing to similar as soon as to leave the warm places heated by the bums which got fat for years of “excessive“ room work and to hold the vacant leading posts at various enterprises.

But the functionary of the principles never changes an old school. Where his life would not throw, all the same it will not work! For this reason - that and our “admiral“ considered as an example, anything not understanding fleet, right there began to behave in a queer way with the vessels entrusted to it. The result is deplorable, but is natural. Crews began to change the place of work, going to other companies where yet figures such did not reach. Casual people who brought the ships to a condition of eternal repair came to their place. From - for it the company loses the partners who are looking for more reliable partners. Further, loss of goods turnover with all that it implies for this office badly smelling consequences.

And, apparently, what it is simpler to take to a position of the chief of the competent person?! So that`s just the point, where to take - that such person if in the country with shots trouble! Moreover THESE by hook or by crook, using often old communications, climb on highly paid places. Isn`t it time to reflect to trust presidents of the companies and shareholders to whom the place of the executive director?! Who is more necessary to owners: the wedding general, Fuchs from “A gold calf“ or the competent head who will lead your enterprise to prosperity?!

By the way, that veteran of a Komsomol top who got on the “admiral`s“ place thanks to the communications the most part of life perceived the word “vessel“ only in medical aspect. Also it was necessary to see his surprise when it turned out that “vessel“ has also which - what relation to a water transport.