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How to earn from free training?

Having made the firm decision to finally throw all the forces on development of a subject of earnings on the Internet, I began to collect strenuously all available information, subscribed for ten various mailings, and yesterday attended a webinar one business - schools, the benefit training at the first year was free. The same who will like process and who will not be deducted for non-performance of homeworks will be able to continue training, but already for money.

Oho, I thought and here all on - to the adult. About paid training I still will very strong think, but to gain free of charge basic knowledge - why and is not present? At once the seditious thought flashed: not one I such clever, then in what benefit at organizers of this business - schools? Really they really give such quality education that the majority of trained registers in paid training...

About 250 people registered in this webinar. Geography of participants - practically all the CIS and even foreign countries (Poland, Germany, South Korea). A subject - “How to begin to earn on the Internet“. Age from 15 to 70 years. You represent now approximately quantity and structure of target audience - us, the beginners taking the first steps in development the Internet - business - millions!

Process of a webinar left the depressing impression. Information which was laid out on it in tons free of charge lies on the Internet: “To begin business on the Internet, it is necessary to make the website or the blog for a start. For this purpose you need to buy a hosting, and we will step by step explain to you how to make it. Further we fill in the blog with content, we attract audience and we begin to monetize it...“ Well and further in the same spirit of a bl - a bla - a bla...

That about any paid continuation of training out of the question, I understood in 15 - 20 minutes after the beginning. Then in what here a dirty trick? Everything became clear with receiving the first homework. The scheme of earnings on free training appeared, as well as all ingenious, not such and difficult.

The person is arranged so that in him wonderfully are combined at the same time thirst for knowledge, natural laziness and a freebie... It is a basis of creation of business on target audience. That you will choose: to buy courses and independently at them to study, having spent many hours for reading multipage literature and viewing of hours-long video, or to descend on courses, webinars, seminars free (in the beginning) where all will show you, will tell, will chew, will answer all your questions. The choice is obvious - that huge number of the people which I observed is explained by it.

Now about the most interesting - about the scheme. I will paint on points:

the Sign, the name - Business school. Sounds solidly (the word “school“ is associated at all with a knowledge acquisition source - our thirst for knowledge works here ).

Form of education - virtual. Very conveniently, it is not necessary to go, study anywhere it is possible without getting up (here it, laziness ), having put the laptop to itself on a stomach (I as usual do).

giving Format: the first course - free (here it, a freebie ).

the Term of training at the first (introduction) course - 4 weeks, on one occupation a week, with receiving homework and even with expel from school in case of non-performance of a task. Here on it is that the first homework and the main money is earned with authors. You need to buy a hosting and to register a domain name at concrete (so more convenient to conduct training) the provider specified by authors on their affiliate link - at the same time they honestly say that it is a small conditional payment for free of charge their training. As I also assumed, the provider was at all not the cheapest and, the most important, with the smart partner program - 40% of your payments to provider will be deducted to authors for life until you are served there.

Now mathematics. A monthly fee - 130 rub/month. We multiply by the number of participants of a webinar - I think that about 200 people from 250 will perform homework (all understand that the website is a necessary condition) - 200õ130=26 000 rub

of Such groups are gathered on average 1 - 2 in a week. Let`s consider on a minimum - 4 in a month (not nevertheless time “to work“). Total we have roughly 100. 000 rub for the first month.

And it only beginning. On the second occupation I smoothly would bring the people to the fact that for fixing of material and performance of the following homework it is necessary to get training materials. And here I, probably, am better would cooperate with somebody: if it is stupid to sell something special, then, having compared the content of material to what lies on the Internet, it is possible to lose trust of audience right there. Therefore just we give the reference to sources which at all very famous (type Azamat Ushanov, etc.) . We receive the next portion of money from a partnerka - though single, but very not sickly - on average 500 rub from the person. 500õ200=100 000 rub from one group!

By the way, now it became clear to me why all famous gurus of infobusiness in spite of the fact that, in fact, are competitors, prefer to keep together and to cooperate. It is so much easier “to work“ and the market is so huge that will be enough for all.

The following step - the second year - already paid. Cost around 3000 rub. Let will live up to the second year only 10% of pupils - 25 people. 25õ3000=75 000 rub from one group.

Total : 26. 000+100. 000+75. 000=200. 000 rub from one group. We multiply by 4 groups and we receive, something about 800. 000 rub in a month. And money from a partnerka with provider to you will flow constantly already without any efforts of you, each time increasing nearly in a geometrical progression.

In end there is a wish to tell that this article needs to be considered not as to the critic of training in similar business - schools. Many beginners, probably, find everything - something useful to themselves. First of all, I liked here the fact that authors applied the non-standard decision and original approach in earnings on partner programs. If at the same time they took care also of quality of training (employed professional lecturers) then in general there would be it an honor and praise.