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Artist Vladimir Kuzmin: what main precept in his pictures?

to the Artist Vladimir Ivanovich Kuzmin would be 60 years now, but the third year as he died.

... Our acquaintance happened on the coast of Volga in Country park in the city of Samara where it lived the last years. It went to the river that “to grasp the sun“ and “to clear up an eye“ on the Volga breadth - his words. Also wrote landscapes. On a canvas. Oil.

Vladimir, being deeply believing Christian, in the pictures from a reverse side of a canvas often did additions of the Bible: “Grace of the our Lord...“ (picture “Big Volga“), “Yes the rivers clap; yes mountains exult together...“ (picture “Volga, View from the Coast of Country Park“)...

Having sold hundreds of pictures for many years, Vladimir did not cease to rejoice childly when reported to him about sale of the next landscape. If the person bought his picture for money, he said, so bought does not dissemble in an assessment, and the picture really was pleasant to it!

Living without family in recent years, Vladimir Ivanovich bore idea to create a near circle friends to be together both on holidays, and in hard times. It would seem why in the big city with the million population such “circle“ is necessary if it is possible to communicate with very many people at exhibitions, on the beach, in church, etc.? Time showed that - it is necessary that in crowd still everyone feels the loneliness and shortage of warmth.

All big apartment of the artist was filled with pictures, both ready, and being in work. And it was so close what just to be stuck an empty seat was not. Therefore on the holidays “near circle“ sometimes gathered for feasts at my place.

At the beginning of each meal Vladimir Kuzmin asked the floor and began with a prayer. He prayed not “on - book“, by the own words, but very penetrating. Once I asked it how you ask God to rescue all of us if some of ours do not believe in Him? And he answered, referring to an ancient case with the monk, a prayer: “My God though they also do not trust, but You all the same, rescue them!“

He painted pictures without feeling sorry for heat, putting heart and soul. Unlike it, I did not graduate from art school on painting, and it is difficult for me to put into words - from what covers awe at the sight of the native open spaces imprinted on its canvases.

Perhaps it from a footpath on descent to Volga on which went more than once. Or from that stone it seems ashore near which the spring beats and that water on a canvas - live. And Vladimir poured this water in ten - one and a half liter bottles and bore on foot home this heavy freight - the artist was wide in shoulders and growth under two meters.

In 2008 Vladimir went home to the Penza region (he was born there on September 1, 1950) to see parents, and as a result - buried them, they died almost in at one time, with a difference in several days.

In the same year before Vladimir Ivanovich was hospitalized (and did not drink and did not smoke!) we went the big company to Zavolzhye monasteries in Podgory. He long prayed there, being kneeling in the temple of the Lord`s Cross, in a simple undershirt and trousers, barefoot. It to me was also remembered by it: Christian artist Vladimir Ivanovich Kuzmin .

After his death on October 1, 2008 I gave to gift to the Zavolzhye man`s monastery of the Lord`s Cross his picture of the Savior. It and now there hangs in the refectory room.

Me the parting word Vladimir when I gathered for a meeting with the woman with which got acquainted recently is especially remembered by . He told: “You words that good do not feel sorry for for the woman !“

Ya and now I try to keep this its commandment.

My God, grant it the Kingdom of Heaven!