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Why Chinese are spat and blow nose?

In the majority of the “civilized“ countries are considered indecent to be spat and blow nose on the earth or on a floor in public places. For this purpose there are ballot boxes, spittoons, handkerchiefs (including disposable) etc. However and in these countries not everyone follows such rules. For example, as the German tourists abroad behave - it is separate conversation. Well, and about our tourists I in general will better keep silent.

However all foreigners visiting China upon return tell same. Even at restaurant of the average level Chinese behave, from the European point of view, extremely not in a civilized way and if to tell frankly - just on - beastly. What they smoke there, shaking ashes directly on a floor, is still half-troubles. But they still are spat and blow nose directly on a floor, there throw off napkins and scraps, champ and belch at food and at the same time shout in all throat. Probably, they consider that than you speak louder, that more convincingly it sounds.

The Chinese idea of hygiene in mass consciousness is, seemingly, limited to mainly own body and (but not always) own dwelling. A floor, especially out of own housing, is considered at the Chinese a dirt symbol. Therefore the phrase told in playful tone: “It was so pure that could be eaten from a floor“ - causes loud laughter. Otkharkivaniya, spittles and a smorkaniye on the street are a commonplace. At the same time at a smorkaniye clamp one nostril and strongly blow in another, considering the direction of wind and distance (do it precisely that to anybody not to get).

How so? The nation with the most ancient culture on Earth, and suddenly it? It is necessary to understand that spittles, the smorkaniye etc. is not violation of the rules of politeness at Chinese, but national traditions and habits which are connected with ancient beliefs. Needs of nature of an organism are considered as norm. For example, saliva should be spitted out as it contains the “dirty“, “fulfilled“ energy. And much gigiyenichny to dump the food remains from a table, than to accumulate small groups near good food.

Most of Chinese consider, they are accustomed to it since the childhood that to swallow slime - is unhealthy. Therefore they spit out it, cough up and vysmarkivat. Cough is often artificial, sounds sometimes as mix of asthma and wheezing. Even graceful girls make sometimes loud, unpleasant sounds. And belch that Chinese champ at food - it is not bad manners at all, and absolutely on the contrary. It at them national politeness such - champing and belching, to show to owners what tasty food at them. I lived many years in Asia and I know that it is characteristic of many Asian people.

It is necessary to tell that in recent years in China even more often think of hygiene. According to polls, 99% of Chinese consider that in the cities it is necessary to toughen sanitarno - hygienic norms, and 64% important recognize hygiene in institutions of public catering. From time to time in China months of seven “no“ are everywhere carried out:

not to be spat on the street;

not to throw garbage anywhere;

not to smoke in public places;

not to trample down green plantings (it to you not England, will trample to the naked earth);

it is obscene to span not to be expressed (it would not prevent us too, to listen only as our youth talks!) ;

not to break public property (well, it precisely about us);

not to violate the traffic regulation (and it in general about us). Especially widely such campaigns are started by

before large international actions, with attraction of mass media and evident propaganda. So was during preparation and carrying out in Beijing of the summer Olympic Games. It was declared that one of the main components of training of young volunteers, school and university students - to disaccustom them to be spat and blow nose in public places and public places. At least, the Beijing Olympic Games disaccustomed locals to be spat and blow nose on streets, accustomed to stand in queues, for example, on the bus and in the subway.

By the way, in China long-term campaign for replacement in rural areas of public toilets by individual is conducted. At the same time even the reference to Mao Tse Tung who, suffering from locks, spent in a toilet much time is attracted and therefore ordered to equip small library and the equipment for writing of notes there.

Well to tell in conclusion? Chinese, happening in Russia, especially in the large cities, often admire purity, order and cultural behavior of our citizens. And the fact that in the subway of the man give way to the women, especially pregnant brings them into wild delight.

But we - that know, as at us not all is successful, especially on the periphery. And see how our parks how many garbage and dirt on streets are littered? Sometimes so there is a wish to launch the same campaign, as in China, for purity and an order on our streets and in public places, for refusal of smoking and foul language etc.!

And from own powerlessness sometimes there is a wish as my sonny in the childhood to write and scatter everywhere leaflets with the text: “People! Make good acts!“.