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Steadiness of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

Steadiness value gives the reasons promotes generates breaks to preserve brings to deprive to take away loss why harms to keep composure a pacification better easier to use to bring up to reach to provide to achieve depends the advantage gives is necessary to

dz Steadiness - a positive trait of character.

pv Steadiness is promoted by love to people and the nature.

and Steadiness - a sign of greatness of the person.

pv Kind people are more counterbalanced.

pvl Steadiness lie - not help.

Steadiness loosens violation of laws.

pvz the good soil for achievement of steadiness is education in itself love to people, kindness, tolerance, understanding, ability to forgive. In the absence of these qualities there is a leaving from stressful situations by self-isolation.

pzd Steadiness reigns in the positive environment, but not negative - where passions storm, change, lie, mistrust, jealousy, uncertainty, rebelliousness, nonsense reign...

and Steadiness God-given - is constant, reliable, unceasingly.

d Steadiness is promoted by wellbeing.

and Steadiness decreases need and wealth.

to In steadiness - force.

and Steadiness of the person ennobles.

and the Balanced person - is attractive.

and the Balanced person - seems more cleverly.

and are respectful To balanced people.

zd Steadiness depends on a condition of nervous system.

zd Steadiness to the person almost in any situation is provided by steady mentality.

z Mentality and steadiness - support each other.

p People with weak mentality should not be let in too rough stream of life.

p Steadiness - even trouble is afraid.

zpvd More balanced and correct communication with people - does knowledge of psychology.

pzd Steadiness is in many respects obliged to observance in all moderation.

zpd the Person counterbalances goodwill.

d Steadiness prolongs life.

d Steadiness - a self-control sign.

pd Steadiness is inherent in people reserved.

p Steadiness - a good support in misfortune.

vp the Balanced person depends on a case and destiny less.

vp Steadiness - protection against rage.

p takes away Steadiness from addictions.

z Steadiness provides clarity of mind.

d Balanced people can operate the emotions.

zd take away Steadiness vanity.

d the Person can deprive of steadiness a stress.

d Steadiness can break overfatigue.

d the sleep debt can Deprive of steadiness.

d Steadiness is provided with lack of nervousness.

z Steadiness - it is frequent ability to hide feelings.

p Steadiness - guarantee of charm.

p Steadiness - a solidity element.

p Steadiness to dispute help.

d Steadiness break emotions.

d Steadiness break problems.

p provides Steadiness - a healthy sleep.

p Steadiness is capable to convince.

p is A lot of friends, affairs, hobbies of the person spray, tear to parts. It disturbs balanced, full-fledged, happy life.

pz Steadiness depends not so much on a vital situation how many from internal state of the person.

p Steadiness is promoted by communication with quiet people.

and Steadiness brings wisdom.

p Steadiness - the soil for abstention.

z Steadiness delegates the power from heart to mind.

and Steadiness and tranquility friends of attentiveness, vanity and haste - enemies.

and Steadiness and tranquility to the analysis help, vanity and haste - a hindrance.

and Steadiness and tranquility - care graze.

d Steadiness weakens fear.

p Not the best form of steadiness - confidence.

and Steadiness it is possible to conquer excessive passion.

d Steadiness - orders thoughts.

zd Steadiness of the person can be broken by excessive enthusiasm.

dp Steadiness provides a step.

pz Steadiness keeps the person from fluctuations towards bad behavior under the influence of a negative situation.

and Steadiness and knowledge of psychology allow to communicate with

any person.

yu the Worst enemy of steadiness - phone.

yu From irritable - suffer everything, from counterbalanced - only relatives.

yu so counterbalances Nothing - as death.

yu Nonsense of steadiness - not the girlfriend.

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